How Changing Engine Oil Can Improve Your Car Health

If you want your car to listen to your commands well, you need to take good care of its health. That being said, we mean that a car just like the human body needs care and hygiene to be maintained without which it can show signs of early disorders, and finally end up at a repair shop asking for costly repairs.

Though there are several maintenance aspects that have equal contribution in the health of a vehicle, the engine oil is one, that stands at the first row of things that needs more attention than the others. Changing the engine oil of your car at the right time on the other hand will save many of car performance issues preventing them from taking place.

An experienced mechanic of the oil change service in Medford shared that in most of the newer vehicles a light will turn up on the dashboard when it is time for your vehicle to get its engine oil changed. With this new system in place, the owners of the newly released cars get to know beforehand that it is time for an oil change for their cars.

When the Oil Change Light Turns On?

The service light that indicates your car engine needs an oil change will usually come on when you’ve driven a certain distance with the car with the same oil stored in their car. This light will keep appearingtill you actually change the oil to remind the car owner, that the car really shouldn’t be driven with the same oil working for the engine, or else, it can cause anydamage to the car.

Oil Change Should Be Accompanied by a Filter Change

If you change the engine oil, but not the oil filter, you are at a loss again. Unless your engine oil filter is replaced with a new one, a mere change of the oil will not be able to make much difference, as without a properly functioning filter, even the new engine oil will take no time to get contaminated, and you are left with the same set of problems once again.

To avoid such occurrences, you need to change the oil filter as well, along with the choice of the type of oil your manufacture has recommended. This is important because the mechanism of a particular car is tuned to certain type of oil that will not work the same wayif you pour in some other type of oil with different ratio of viscosity and chemical components.

Other Things to Check

During the oil change you need to check some other aspects and parts as well. These are pats that are either directly or indirectly related to the engine system. Some of these items are the air filter the brake fluidand the transmission fluid. All these parts need to be clean to stay fully functional to make the engine work the way it should.

So, the group of mechanics serving the Medford oil change service center suggest the car owners to check and change all of these items whenever the dashboard light reminds them for an oil change schedule.