Gift Ideas to Make Your Republic Day More Vibrant

26th January, Republic Day is observed as a national holiday in India. The constitution came in to being on this day back in the year 1950 and India became a sovereign state ever since. From that day to the present day, 26th January has been celebrated in great honor and with much enthusiasm all over the country to commemorate the sacrifices of our heroes and freedom fighters.

When it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings gifting becomes a usual trend. However, following the same trend during national holidays becomes a tad unusual. Nevertheless, if you are one of those who are planning on taking an off route and preparing to give away presents to your close ones on Republic Day, then you have arrived at the right place. Here is our take on Republic Day gifts:

Indian Flag Stands

Miniature flag stands are conventional, affordable and adorable presents that you can gift anyone of any age on a nationwide festival. Displaying it on the work desk or study table will express your nationalistic spirit for the country.

A Collection of Patriotic Songs

Music is the purest way of conveying beautiful, poetic things to one’s heart. Since this national event is a big one representing India, gifting a music DVD or CD of patriotic songs will make an ideal present for the music enthusiast in your life. And since music speaks directly to hearts, listening to them will evoke a feeling of pride and veneration for the nation and its freedom fighters.

Personalized Chocolate Gift Boxes

While conventional gift ideas are considered safe when giving away to others on national festivals, chocolates serve as unconventional and out-of-the-box gift ideas this Republic Day. Chocolates are delicious treats and one can’t possibly go wrong with them and since they’re sweet, what a better way to celebrate the national event with delicacies that appeal to your taste buds. Cadbury presents a range of luxurious personalised chocolate gift boxes in beautiful designs. You can choose from their range of chocolate gift boxes and customize the box to include a small gift card in tri-color print to reflect the spirit of Republic Day in your gift.

Tri-color Apparel

Outfits and occasions go hand in hand. What one wears and adorns reflects the sentiment of that occasion. With Republic Day celebrations in the air, go a bit vibrant and gift your close one a tricolor outfit to blend in with the theme of the event. Since our national flag constitutes a mix of bright dominant colors, wearing clothes in tune with the occasion will evoke a fervid feeling in one. Adding a couple of coordinating accessories too makes a brilliant happy Republic Day gift idea.

Books Based on Our Indian Heroes-Books are the safest option when it to gifting to those little nerds and bibliophiles. Opt for books that are authored by writers on Indian heroes on festivals like Republic Day. Choosing an autobiography on any national hero can also make the perfect gift for a friend or relative.

Novelty Gifts

Novelty items like mugs make the best gift for those coffee lovers. Present a beautifully-designed mug representing India in vibrant tricolors of our flag. This makes an exceptional giftidea for your friends on such occasions as it’ll display the love for the nation, while at the same time add a hint of personalization.

Although26th January is seldom considered as an occasion for gifting, being the birth anniversary of the Republic of India, it automatically evokes a nationalistic spirit and calls in for merriments with enthusiasm and splendor.