Dry Cleaning Service For Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture, in the most cases, receives constant use. People sit on it, lounge on it and put their feet on the fabric, their pets lay on it, and the kids play on it. Dust and pet hair settle into the each corners, and the daily wear and tear can really start to show in some days. It’s possible to keep one’s upholstery looking tidy, but like many other features in our home, it benefits from regular professional deep cleaning.

Labels Can Be Misleading

Don’t know what is safe to clean one’s upholstery with? Well, most manufacturers make it quite simple to find out, actually. All one need to do is look at the tag on their furniture, and it will tell them.

  • A “W” means clean it with water-based cleaners only,
  • A “S” means clean with solvent-based cleaners only,
  • A “WS” means we can use either one.

Decide Whether to Call A Professional

The first thing people need to decide is whether they actually want to tackle their upholstery dry cleaning job himself, or call in a professional. Generally, any upholstered furniture whose tag requires a solvent only cleaner, or written something like “dry clean only” means it is a pretty expensive piece. Any time anyone does something himself, will take the risk into his own hands that he may ruin something, so people need to decide whether they want to do that or not. Further, the more surface area anyone has to clean the more would be an encouragement to just call a professional. There are best dry cleaning services in Sohna Road.

Steps for Upholstery Dry Cleaning

Here are the steps to take for dry cleaning of upholstery:

  • Vacuum first – vacuum upholstery thoroughly, to remove any loose dirt and dust which could otherwise make a sort of mud or sludge which is hard to clean up and can make the spot worse.
  • Application of dry cleaning solvent – Each cleaner is slightly different so be careful to choose the right one for one’s type of furniture, though typically with dry cleaners a little goes a long way. It is best to apply a small amount to a cloth and then blot at the spot or stain onto the upholstery fabric, instead of applying directly onto the furniture itself.
  • Keep blotting – It may take some time, but blotting is the best way for upholstery dry cleaning. But make sure not to saturate the upholstery with too much cleaning solvent.
  • Blotting up of solvent once the stain or spot is removed – It is not possible to rinse out the solvent completely, since this is upholstery items after all, but sometimes these solvents can leave stain around the treated area. To avoid this situation use a new, slightly damp cloth to clean up as much solvent as possible from the treated area and let it dry thoroughly.

Conclusion Since dry cleaning solvent upholstery cleaning has its own rules and techniques that are different than the more common water based cleaning methods, thus, it is recommended to for dry cleaning services sohna road.