Buy Spanner Sets From The Biggest Exporters In India

The Spanners come in many sizes, shapes, and specifications. These are a necessary instrument for many technicians. At Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd., established in 1989, as part of the Eastman Group, we manufacture the highest quality of spanners and sell them at a cost-effective price. Our highly skilled engineers and the latest manufacturing systems help us design new spanners based on the original designs. The result is that we are known as innovative spanner exporters in the industry.

We not only use high-quality raw materials but also follow a 10 step quality testing process where the tools are thoroughly checked for endurance, strength, precision, durability, finish, etc. Our heavy duty spanners are corrosion resistant and durable. We export our products to over 40 countries in various continents. The continuously developing quality program at Eastman Group helps in maintaining the high standard and consistency of quality production.

We use chrome vanadium steel in the manufacturing the tools. The raw materials are tested and approved before the manufacturing process begins. The spanners are polished more than once at different stages to make sure they are sturdy, precise in the jaw specification before going for a computerized nickel chrome plating for a high-quality appearance.

We, at Eastman Group believe in social responsibility as well as environmental responsibility. With the Effluent Treatment Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant with 50 kiloliters capacity per day, we make sure that there is absolutely no chemical waste being released into the environment.

The production facilities at Eastman Group includes Press forging machinery from Taiwan for cold stamped spanners. The spanners are re-checked at every stage and are delivered to the customers with a warranty. We pay special attention to packaging. We, at Eastman make sure the orders are delivered on time.

Here is a list of spanners manufactured at our Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd.:

•    Ring Spanners- Cold stamped with knurling, Crv steel, Head polished. Available in 20 sizes.

•    Combination Spanner- Cold stamped, Duly hardened and tempered. Crv steel, Matte finish, Head polish, Din 3110. 25 different sizes available. Sets of 6, 8, 12, and 25 pieces available.

•    Double Open Ended Spanner- Cold stamped, Duly hardened and tempered. Crv steel, Din 3110, Matte finished, Head polished. Available in 12 sizes. Sets of 6, 8, 12 pieces available.

•    Flare Nut Spanner- Made with carbon steel, fully polished. Available in 16 sizes.

•    Gas Spanners- Duly hardened and tempered, Matte finish, Bright chrome, Carbon steel, Bent panel- Italian type. Available in the size of 25 mm.

•    Deep Offset Ring Slogging Spanners- Duly hardened and tempered, Crv steel, Matte finish, Deep Offset, Black phosphated. Available in 16 sizes.

•    Slogging Spanner- Duly hardened and tempered, Ring end, Crv steel/ Select carbon, Matte finish, Bright chrome/ Black phospahated, Din 7444. Available in 15 sizes.

•    Single Open End Spanner- Duly hardened and tempered, Matte finish, Bright chrome/ Zinc/ Black phosphated, Din 894, Chrome vanadium steel. Available in 10 sizes.

•    Stubby Spanner- E 2052.