Getting the Best Show for Your Corporate Event

So many things happen at corporate events – educating, socializing, networking, promoting, and even partying – that it’s really important to look beyond the most obvious factors, like venue size and location, and consider some of the subtler, though vitally important, aspects of hosting. When looking at stage rental in Tallahassee for your event, follow these quick tips and your guests are sure to have an incredible experience.

Plan (Far) Ahead

This is the most basic step you can take to making sure your event goes smoothly, but you may be surprised how often it’s overlooked and misunderstood. It isn’t just a matter of giving you enough time to advertise the event and giving guests plenty of time to work it into their schedules.

The extra time is an opportunity for you to shop around for everything you’ll need, thoroughly check out the venue space, make any accommodations that may be needed at the request of guests, and double check all of the techs you’ll be relying on.

When it comes to hosting, there’s no such thing as too much preparation. One of your goals as a host should be to create a long-lasting impression on everyone in attendance, so consider this: when things go well, they’ll think of you. When things go wrong, they’ll remember that instead.

Always Have A Back-Up Plan

Some things are just unpredictable, especially when you’re dealing with a large-scale event. You can’t control everything, but it’s always possible to have a Plan B in case your Plan A goes wrong. Let’s use technical equipment as an example.

We all know electronic devices can be finicky at times. What do you do if a projector cuts out, or if a screen shorts without warning? Or bigger scenarios, like power outages? Disaster may not strike, but if it does a back-up plan can make the difference between staying on track and having to cancel. Test all of your equipment, have extra pieces on hand and check to see what the venue can provide. 

Get The Stuff You Need

You can’t have an effective corporate event without some sort of audio or visual component. Whether it’s discussion panels, keynote speakers, or video presentations, you’ll need plenty of specialized equipment for the event.
Having the equipment and knowing how to use them are very different things, however. Hiring AV experts to handle sound systems and levels as well as setting up video displays will save you time and spare you potential embarrassment.

Optimize Staging

Everything needs to look amazing when you stage an event. Lighting, seating arrangements, decorations, and even the stage itself play a role in creating the mood and ambiance you want for your guests.

But when you have a presentation on the brain, don’t forget about accessibility. Will guests be able to get around safely? Clearly see the stage, the speakers, the screens? How easily can everyone reach the exits? Make sure, too, that all of your electrical pieces of equipment are plugged in correctly with minimal cord exposure.

If that sounds overwhelming, you can always seek help from a professional event production company like American Audio Visual to provide their expertise in staging the event.

The Bottom Line

There’s a lot to be done before and during your event to keep everything running and deliver the best experience possible for everyone involved. Keep these suggestions in mind when you’re looking for stage rental in Tallahassee and your event is sure to be a success.