Colombia Travel Guide: Attractions You Have Never Seen Before

Columbia is the second-largest city and the Capital of the State of South Carolina. The name of this American city is a poetic term that was born from the name of Christopher Columbus. However, Columbia is home to a vast array of historic attractions. They stand from grand galleries to fascinating museums, parks, theatres, and other adventure sites. So, you can visit the 8 Tourist Places of Columbia.

There is also much to discover in every corner of this attractive capital. However, the outdoor adventure is grounded in the culture of Columbia. The same is spread well in the surrounding neighborhoods. Also, hikers have access to the entire city. Moreover, if you looking to plan your trip to Columbia. Without any doubt, make jetblue reservations in advance and save up to 30% off on one-way or round trips. Here is a list of the best places in this North American city.

Top Attractions & Places to Visit in Colombia


The world’s third-largest maker of coffee beans, Colombia happens to be an eccentric country for tastings and tours. However, the huge popularity of production occurs in the subtropical Andean hills. The place is in the west of Bogotá in between the insignificant towns of Pereira, Armenia, and Manizales.

Identified as the EjeCafetero (or Coffee Axis), this region happens to be home to a rising amount of coffee plantations. This plantation has unbolted up to the public in the latest years for guided tours, tastings, and luxury farm stops. These small (and often organic) plantations are places where a farmer owner can spend an hour of his day. He will be explaining how a humble “cherry” turns into a coffee bean that will someday be roasted and latte-grinded back home.


Picture the Amazon, and Colombia may not be the first country that comes to mind – which is odd because about a third of the nation is covered in dense (and often impenetrable) jungle. The capital of the vast Amazon Basin is the small frontier town of Letizia. However, this Letizia sits along the banks of the mighty Amazon River, where Colombia bumps into Brazil and Peru.

Leticia also makes a great base for ecotourism, wildlife safaris, or trekking in the Amazon to learn about the indigenous tribes who call the area home. The way of getting here is only by plane from Bogota, and you will be able to continue either by boat upriver to Iquitos, Peru, or downriver to Manaus or Brazil.

Tayrona National Natural Park

You will find some of the best beaches in Colombia in the Tayrona Protected National Park, known for its palm-fringed coves and crystal-clear coastal lagoons. Most of the beaches are opposite the dramatic Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains, whose rainforests make for a great beach vacation excursion. Tayronahappens to be also a whimsical snorkeling spot in protected areas close to La Piscina beach and Cabo San Juan.

Although remote, these private beaches are not entirely secret, so it is best to visit during the low season (February to November) to avoid the massive crowds … Plus, if you’re not paying for the lavish EcohabsTayrona, get ready to sleep in a tent (or hammock) at one of the many beachside campsites.

Activities you will love to enjoy doing

Blue Note

The main musical venue in Colombia is The Blue Note. National and local bands and artists perform here regularly. Here you can hear not only live music but also film screenings and comedy actors. Blue Note Hotel is located in the historic Ninth Street area. It entertains on Friday or Saturday nights in Colombia.

Columbia Art League (Nearby hotels)

Art lovers should visit the Colombia Art League, where local art lives. Just look at the artwork or even buy it. This art gallery in the city center hosts regular programs for adults and children. Budget travelers will be glad to know that admission is free.

Good Life Cafe

One of South Carolina’s only organic and vegan restaurants, Good Life Café is a truly unique and original place to grab a quick bite in Columbia. Serving a variety of clean, anti-aging fruit juices, as well as an extensive and exciting menu of vegan burritos, sandwiches, hamburgers, and pizzas, this restaurant has something for everyone. With healthy and tasty food, diners can freely browse the substantial list of beers, wines, and proseccos without feeling too guilty.

Local cuisine

Colombian gastronomy is made up of a mixture of foods, recipes, and Indo-American, Spanish, and also African traditions. We will try to present this mixture of exotic aromas with a typical dish from northern Colombia: “Bandeja Paisa”. It is served in one or more large dishes. It is a mixture of minced meat, chorizo, pork rind, egg, and fried banana, a bread made with corn, avocado, beans, and tomato.


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