Cleaning of Electrical Panels

How do you clean electrical panels?

Fortunately, the majority of dust and debris can be eliminated quickly and safely. Use a vacuum to clean the enclosure rather than compressed air, which could actually grind and embed some of the impurities even farther into the cracks of your panel.

Items made by NWK

Since 2001, Automat has been the only distributor for Hybrid Nano Mineral Water Base products made by NAE WOI KOREA., LTD, a pioneer in the industry. The company’s machinery and fixed assets are protected by the advanced, superior, and eco-friendly products and solutions provided by NWK.

Dust-cleaning Equipment for Electronic and Electric Communication


This static energy is transferred to the PCB, which prevents performance deterioration and shortens service life. An innovative solution named NWK-99 was created in order to safeguard electronic facilities and equipment against these potential risks and hazards. NWK-99 prevents dust from getting inside PCBs, preventing accidental losses and accidents.

Exactly how does NWK99 work?

From sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, NWK-99 precisely blasts away condensation, flux residue, oil, and grime. Due to its quick drying time, low residual level, and ability to remove debris, it is the perfect cleaning solution for cleaning electrical connections. NWK99 is compliant and safe to use on printed circuit boards, controllers, switches, precision instruments, and electric panels. It also has the required OEM and regional body certifications.

attributes of NWK99

  • capable of sanities living machinery
  • non-corroding material
  • quickly removes and captures dust
  • prevents static and noise
  • prevents respiratory infections
  • On-Panel Temperature Control

Common NWK 742 (Outdoor Wall or Floor of Concrete & Cement)

NWK742 is the name of a hybrid nano mineral water-based coating. It provides anti-carbonization, water repellency, permeability, and self-cleaning qualities for indoor building and flooring. combination of a nano inorganic mineral adhesion mechanism with a water-based hybrid material (0.2um particle size). one component or aeration (One-way permeability). Additionally, it has very strong chemical resistance to acid, sodium, alkali, and chloride as well as low volatile organic content, no solvent, no pot life, no odour, no bubbles, no peeling, no toxicity, no flammability, and no risk. Additionally, it offers high durability and abrasion resistance and dries from the primer coating to the top coating extremely quickly.To learn more about  plc repair get in touch with us.

NWK742 Aluminum with Water Base Coating

The coating item NWK742 is built on hybrid nano mineral water. It is excellent for indoor building and flooring, permeable, water repellent, carbonization-resistant, and self-cleaning. (0.2um particle size) Nano inorganic mineral coupled with a water-based hybrid material adhesion process.

NWK742 Anti-Corrosion Metal (No Need for Sandblasting)

hybrid coating created from mineral water with a nanostructure. NWK742 is Water Repellant and Self-Clean for outside structures including bridges, containers, and buildings.

Scuto NWK850H


  • combination of a nano inorganic mineral adhesion mechanism with a water-based hybrid material (0.2um particle size)
  • one component or aeration (One Way permeability)
  • Low volatile organic compounds, no solvent, no pot life, no odour, no bubble, no peeling, no hazardous materials, and no toxins
  • Anti-Retardant and Anti-Stain
  • outstanding chemical resistance against acid, alkali, chloride, and sodium
  • Primer and top coatings dry fairly quickly after application.
  • high durability and abrasion resistance

Electric dust broom powered by a solar panel

An electric dust-free solar energy sweeping vehicle consists of a vehicle frame, a storage battery, an exhaust blower, a trash box, a rotating brushing plate, and a solar photoelectric conversion plate. The vehicle’s main power source is a storage battery that is located at the bottom of the frame. The garbage box, which is situated in the back of the car’s frame, is where rubbish is kept. The trash box also houses a no-dust-escape dedusting unit that is part of the electric dust-free solar energy sweeping truck. The no-dust-escape dedusting apparatus consists of a swirler and a combined filter cylinder; the swirler’s top end is connected to the exhaust blower outside the garbage can through an exhaust pipe and creates a wind-driven motion.for more details about Electrical Panel Cleaning.