Computers become a global icon from the beginning of the technical era. Over the past several decades it is advancing day by day as there are more career options building in this field. We all know computer engineering is the imperative choice for a career. For young generations, who are determined and ambitious for their future, who want to build their career in the field of science and technology and want to follow their passion in this field, and last but not least who want to earn good money then yes computer engineering allow you to do same.

Computer engineering is always in demand as this subject is specialized to open many fields for aspiring students to uplift their careers. This is because it is the only sector that provides huge opportunities and has been in great demand.

Education is the foremost vital thing to do in any field. But in the field of science and technology, it doesn’t mean that completing a degree and getting a job is enough. You have to update yourself constantly as technology updates. Continuous updating and advancement is the need in the computer science field of education and the future.


If you are a student of the SCIENCE stream (field) in your school then it will be easy for you to enter the field of engineering. If you are excellent in the subjects of science (physics, chemistry) and mathematics then you are primarily eligible for this degree. Being a science student can help you pursue your engineering studies.

Computer engineering creates skilled aspirants who design, create, develop, test or improve the computer system and software. These jobs lead to high paying jobs that will rise constantly wth your knowledge and hardwork.

Students always get confused about what to do or what to choose. Selection of the right path leads you to perfect results in the future. There are lots of questions revolving around you but this article is here to answer those doubts as much as possible.

Before that, you should get yourself educated in the computer science field.  Questions that need to be answered here are


The term computer engineering refers to computer professionals. This can be divided into two parts- HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.

Computer HARDWARE ENGINEERS design, research, develop, and test the computer systems, components, and equipment such as routers, processors, memory devices, and circuit bonds. They are the vanguards who analyze the components and systems; design and develop new types of technology.

Implementing new changes and exploring new things in the system is the job of a computer hardware engineer. Hardware engineer tests the models of computer hardware creates blueprints, and design computer hardware. The mobile phone is an example in which there is a collaboration of hardware and software engineers.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERS develops software, and design them such as operating systems, games, networking system, mobile applications, and networking control system.

Software engineers have deep knowledge of programming language, computer operating systems, and software development.  With great and deep knowledge they should also possess good communication skills. Effective communication skills will help them to get along with users and clients. With this skill, they can make their clients easy to understand the work done by them. Along with that they are good at problem-solving and getting solutions till the work is done completely.

In short, software engineers’ jobs are programming and coding, design, data structure, algorithms, debugging, and testing software.  They are logical, analytical, intellectual, smart, hardworking, and problem solvers. If you think you are the one then you are ready to continue your career journey in this field.

Another query that arises is that which is the best BE college in Mumbai. Selecting a college that syncs with your requirement and eligibility can be a really tiring task. Selection of the Best College or university is an important step in a student’s life.


Terna Engineering College is the best engineering college in Mumbai to provide the finest education to the students. This college is located in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

Terna engineering college provides you with the highest quality education in the engineering program and ensures better placements too. The infrastructure and facilities of the college are excellent. Terna College provides the qualification in computer engineering as well as master of engineering courses. The four programs which they provide are as follows-

  3. PGDM WITH SPECIALISATIONS (Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Personnel, and Human Resource Management, Hospital and Health Management, Marketing and Finance, etc).

At Terna engineering college, computer engineering is a 4-year duration program.

The Department of computer engineering is approved by AICTE, Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) and affiliated with the University of Mumbai, and accredited by the National Board of  Accreditation (NBA). The department has excellent and well-qualified faculty and professors.

The Department of computer engineering also provides post-graduation and Ph.D. Program.

Students got excellent placements in companies like Capgemini, TCS, LNT info tech, code array, Syntel, and many more. At least 60% to 70% of students got placements every year.

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The first initial step to building your career is EDUCATION. Educating yourself well and honing your skillset keeps you in the good books of companies. Getting higher education is also a step toward your career build-up.

Companies always demand qualified young aspirants who are talented, skilled, and quick learners. Higher education is another way to BOOM your career. With a high qualification degree and experience, you have more chances to achieve great success. These degrees help you to get good jobs as well as high pay as qualifications and experience increase it adds more to your pay.

Not only pay but higher qualifications make you potentially more skilled, and knowledgeable which it will open the door to huge job opportunities. Higher education which you can opt after a bachelor’s degree are-

  1. M.TECH / M.E.—After completing computer engineering you can go for a master’s. Master of Technology (M.TECH) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) are the two options to choose.

M.TECH is a 2 -year duration post-graduation course program that focuses on upcoming technology and research and development.

M.E. is also a 2-year duration course. The engineering program focuses on computing, information technology, and electronic training. These are academically equal to both Master of Science and Master of Arts.

After completion of your master’s you have the option to apply for jobs and you can pursue your further education i.e. Ph.D.

  • Ph.D. – It is referred to as DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY. This program hugely impacts your career profile as it is the highest level of academic qualification to achieve. If you are interested in research then you can continue to study and opt for Ph.D.

This is a 5 year-long duration course of research on a particular subject of interest in that field. In this, you have a minimum of 3 years for research work and 2 years for submission of the thesis.

Some students start the Ph.D. program along with M.TECH this is known as dual degree qualification (M.TECH +Ph.D.).

  • MBA—MBA is a degree course in management which is a well-known degree course worldwide. There are benefits to going for MBA after completing graduation. It will transform you into a better individual professionally and personal. Along with the knowledge, MBA offers you an enriching all-over development.
  • POST GRADUATION IN DATA SCIENCE / BUSINESS ANALYST—Data science is in demand. Getting qualified in this leads you to many job opportunities. This is a trending field of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence to enhance your career.


 After graduation, there is an ocean of job opportunities out there with lucrative paychecks. In the booming IT industry, there is no shortage of jobs for ambitious students. But with many opportunities, there is much confusion also. Here is the list of some career opportunities you can consider after computer engineering.

  1. FULL STACK SOFTWARE DEVELOPER—Responsibilities of a full stack developer are designing, testing, programming, and coding. They create and develop software applications. A full stack software developer is a high-level engineer who has a combined knowledge of various programming languages like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, etc.

The average salary of a Full Stack Software Developer is between 3LPA to 14LPA.

  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPER— There is a high demand for software developers in the IT industry. It is one of the best career options to choose. The one who loves programming and coding must choose this as a career.

Software developers create web applications and software programs as per client needs. They should be skilled, analytical, problem-solving, and have good communication skills.

The average salary of a Software Developer is between 3LPA to 7LPA.

  • DATA SCIENTIST – A Data Scientist requires strong analytical, development, and programming skills.  They should be strong in mathematics and statistics as well. Their primary job is to create and derive values from data findings. With their ideas and techniques, they will make more profit and raise the position of the company.

The average salary of a Data Scientist is between 4LPA to 20 LPA.

  • DATA ENGINEER—The responsibility of the data engineer is for building the pipelines and bringing the information together from different source systems. Their primary work is to prepare data for operational and analytical use. They must have knowledge of scripting languages.

The average salary of a Data Engineer is between 3LPA to 20LPA.

  • DATA ANALYST – Responsibility to collect and interpret data to solve problems. Data analysts act like a bond between data and client business. They spent plenty of time with data to understand it and make strategic decisions for the organization. They require strong skills in SQL, and database knowledge, and analytical skills too.

The average salary of a Data Analyst is between 3LPA to 10LPA.

Your salary may differ as per your experience, designation, location of company, state, or country. As your experience rises surely your salary will also rise.

Career outlook in computer engineering shows a major learning curve. Computer engineering always opens a wide range of career opportunities for all. The students from this field are always in high demand because of the developing technological advancements.