Dentist’s Takeaways On How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

Almost everyone has been in situations when there is a sudden toothache out of the blue. One can then not work or go to sleep. There is then a wait to visit the dentist and promise oneself that they must take proper care of their teeth.

Dental colleges like Mansarovar Dental is one of the best dental colleges in India. Thousands of students graduate from this college every year. These dentists are taught how to not only treat different teeth diseases but also take care of teeth.

To save time and money from a nerve-wracking visit to a dental college and hospital, refer to the following dentist-approved tips to take care of teeth and mouth.

Dentist’s Tips For Healthy Teeth

Brush Twice every day: There is a reason why dentists insist on their patients brushing their teeth twice a day. The first is to wash away the acid build-up during the night and the second is to remove any food particles stuck from the meals eaten during the day. For kids, brushing can be introduced early on as a fun game. This will help in habit building later on. Regular brushing will prevent a lot of dental issues. Do not ignore to clean the tongue as well. If one is blessed with healthy teeth and gums, do not skip brushing every day twice to maintain the health of the teeth.

Replace Toothbrush: Toothbrushes must be replaced on a regular basis. Most people replace their brushes only when the one they are using becomes unusable. However, dentists recommend a period of three to six months between toothbrushes. At the first sign of wear and tear, the toothbrush must be replaced. When these brushes are continued to be used, they will cause more damage than good. The teeth will not be cleaned and the gums will be hurt too. Make sure to rinse the toothbrush well each time it is used to prevent a build-up of germs.

Flossing: Flossing is an essential part of a good oral routine. All dentists have flossing as their top recommendation. There are several types of flosses available, flavored or waxed. There are also water floss picks that shoot out a stream of water in between teeth. Try and use several of them to find out which one is the best. After brushing every day, take a few minutes to floss once a day, either in the morning or at night. Flossing is the best way to remove stuck food particles between teeth. These particles cannot be removed completely through brushing and if left will leave plaque.

Brush Properly: Some of the top BDS colleges in Bhopal besides teaching how to treat teeth issues, also teach the proper way to brush. Simply brushing for a quick minute is not enough to effectively clean the teeth. Dentists recommend using two minutes in total when brushing, broken down into 30 seconds for each side. Do not use aggressive motions, instead go in circular motions with minimal pressure. Also, take care to use the right angle. Do not ignore both the front and back sides of your teeth. Some electric toothbrushes come with in-built timers and also rotate when brushing.

Use A Fluoride Mouthwash: Another good dental hygiene product that must be added to the daily oral routine is mouthwash. However, using a random mouthwash is not good as all mouthwashes are not made equal. Take a second to read through the ingredients in the mouthwash. Mouthwashes with fluoride are a good option. Not only will they clean the mouth but also strengthen the teeth at the same time. Follow the instructions written on the bottle on how to use it. Most mouthwashes recommend a thirty-minute gap between the mouthwash and drinking water to allow the fluoride to work.

Don’t Consume Tobacco and Smoke: There are several food items that should be avoided to prevent the staining of teeth. The major culprits in that list are smoking and tobacco. Besides staining, smoking daily and eating tobacco daily will also lead to a host of other problems. From gum diseases, tooth loss, and even mouth cancer in some cases. Smokers also have reported a higher buildup of bacterial plaque due to the lack of oxygen. Dentists will recommend special toothpaste and mouthwash for smokers. This is because normal mouthwash and toothpaste will not work as effectively.

Intake Calcium: Calcium is what makes our teeth and bones strong. With time, human beings witness less calcium absorption. Soon they start witnessing tooth problems and pain in joints. This is why dentists will recommend increasing the intake of calcium. Natural methods of increasing calcium include consuming milk. However, for many people, just milk is not enough for calcium. In those cases, approach the doctor for calcium supplement recommendations. Be sure not to overconsume these supplements.

Limit Coffee and Carbonated Beverages: Drinks like coffee, wine and carbonated soda beverages also cause a lot of staining to the teeth. Coffee is acidic in nature that will deteriorate the surface of the teeth over time. Sodas and soft drinks also erode the teeth when drunk daily. It would be impossible to cut out drinks like coffee completely from the diet. One can instead reduce the consumption to about one cup a day. Sodas, however, must be avoided completely not just for their effect on the teeth but also for the sugar in them.

Proper Diet: As there are foods and drinks to avoid, there are also foods and drinks to eat for good teeth health. Leafy greens vegetables like spinach, kale and dairy products yoghurt and cheese must be included. Include more crunchy vegetables like carrots, and celery and fruits like apples and pears will help remove teeth plaque. Fish and meat also provide much-needed protein and overall health benefits for healthy teeth. Besides food, also keep drinking water throughout the day. This will keep the saliva flowing and wash away bacteria.

Regular Dental Visits: To wrap up the list, one must make sure to visit the dentist regularly. Most people only visit the dentist only when a problem arises. People, however, who make dentist visits regularly are able to detect dental problems early and can therefore treat them before they progress any further. Get cleanings done and ask the dentist to remove plaque if there is any. An ideal timeline is visiting the dentist once every six months. If there is any sudden pain or sharpness in the teeth, do not delay the dentist visit.

There are a lot of dental tips floating around on the internet. Not all of them are good which is why the list of dentist-approved dental tips has been prepared. For optimum teeth health, ask what to do and how to take care of teeth during the next dentist visit.