Why use an American bong and which brands to choose

Why use an American bong and which brands to choose

Voting for the American bong supports the art of glass blowing in the US. But glass made in America deserves more appreciation, especially compared to other well-known glass manufacturers because it offers high-quality features and innovation.

In this article, you’ll find out why US-made water pipes, water bongs, and even flower pipes offer the best smoking experience and why you should stick with American-made bongs.

Besides American-made bongs, another well-known glass producer is China. Because of this, they are often compared. Some believe American glass is better made, and some disagree.

American and Chinese made glasses are of almost the same quality when it comes to making glass pipes. They differ only in the quality of the glass itself.

Because Americans consider glassblowing to be an art, they take subtle steps and spend years practicing perfecting their craft, unlike other manufacturers from other countries who regard glassmaking as just a manufacturing job.

And that’s what makes American eyewear higher quality compared to other glass manufacturers.

Most dabbing equipment is made of glass, especially bongs; that’s why spread enthusiasts often seek out American bongs to use because of their high quality and modern features.

However, because of the many bongs that you can find on the market, you will be confused about which one to choose. If you want to know which brand to look for, here are the ones you should choose.

American Bong Brands You Should Choose

1. Royal Glass Factory

Empire Glassworks has the most outstanding features of any bong brand. It has tons of decorations to choose from and you’re sure to love all the crazy details it has. Because of its new design, most people don’t use it but display it instead. It would be a waste not to flex it, however.

Empire Glassworks is easy to use as most have dab rigs and smaller bong hybrids and only a few large bongs. You can never go wrong with the quality of this brand as they are made with absolute precision from the finest glass materials. This place sells all their glasses!

2. Blowfish Glass

Artistic glass work featuring creative and subtle designs while still being functional. Blowfish Glass creates a new water pipe that is perfect for traditional sesh and even for those with an active lifestyle.

Blowfish glass bongs are made of high quality, durable, borosilicate glass and are 100% American made. It has a compact design for more comfortable and more discrete sessions.

3.C2 Custom Creation

Are you looking for a new glass bong or bubble pipe? The C2 Custom Creations are functional glass art bongs made from California quality American glass. They have a collection of water pipes, circular disc percolators, classic natural stemless, and recyclers to choose from.

Prices range from $65 to $400 depending on the design and if the item is made in collaboration with another glassblowing artist. You can expect durable and functional glass bongs from them as C2 is known for using borosilicate glass in all of their creations.

4. Chameleon glass

Chameleon Glass is a family owned company that manufactures and distributes high quality glass accessories for smoking. Since its founding in 1991, the brand has become one of the most popular and respected companies in the tobacco industry.

With its unique design, it set the standard for glass pipes and bongs. Some of their most innovative designs include the ash-catching handpipe, monsoon water pipe and cyclone bong.

The bottom of the bong is a small tube that connects the bowl to the chamber. It is usually removable for cleaning. However, some bongs glass pipes for sale have a built-in bottom.

5. Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass has an extensive product range, but they mainly focus on glass bongs and water pipes. Compared to other bong brands in the industry, they have bigger ones to offer as well as different styles.

You will indeed have many choices in this brand if you are starting your own set or collection. From big and small bongs, thick glass bongs, and percolator bongs, they’ve got it all. But with the best quality, it is hoped that the price will not be cheap. However, it is a reasonable price as you will experience good quality for the price you will pay.


These are different types of water bongs made in China. As mentioned, they come in different designs, styles and shapes. In terms of price, the materials used in the manufacture of each of them make a significant contribution to how much they sell for.