Why Lactating Moms Encounter Milk Supply Deficiency?

What is the reason behind the event of milk supply deficiency in lactating mothers? Is milk production shortage naturally occurring, or there’s an explanation for that? There are various reasons lactating mothers face milk supply shortages, and one of them is stress. 

Stress is the number one killer of breast milk production, especially in the first few weeks after giving birth to a baby. Adjusting to the baby’s schedule and lack of sleep increases certain hormone levels, such as cortisol that can reduce milk supply. Well, this has been a burden to many breastfeeding mothers, making them discover lactation tea.

Fenugreek-free herbal tea 

Herbal tea is best known as breastfeeding tea, which contains lactogenic ingredients that support breast milk supply. The tea is natural and organic. Fenugreek has several health benefits to women, particularly for women as it supports breastmilk production. But, what makes the tea a great milk supply if it is fenugreek-free? 

The fact that this lactation tea is fenugreek tea still supports breastmilk production because the tea has another benefit when consumed by lactating mothers. Breastfeeding mothers are expected to gain weight, yet fenugreek can help them gain weight. Meaning, the tea supports breastmilk production and balances the body weight.

Therefore, if you are a lactating mother, you don’t need to worry about breastmilk production while keeping your body shape into its sexy curve. 

Reasons why Fenugreek must be avoided!

Although Fenugreek is a good simulator of breastmilk production, it has various side effects. Here are the reasons why fenugreek becomes a no for a breastfeeding mother:

  • Thyroid problem. If a lactating mother has a thyroid problem, Fenugreek influences the active thyroid hormone of the body. It makes hypothyroidism worse and reduces milk production. So, if you have this condition, you need to check the label to avoid such ingredients. Women having medication for this health problem should have a natural milk supply why breastfeeding? 
  • Some health issues. Diarrhea, urine, maple syrup sweat smell, gas, and heartburn. Some women have reported these side effects from Fenugreek. 
  • Digestion problem. When the mother’s digestive system is upset, it goes the same symptoms in the baby.
  • Lowering blood sugar. Fenugreek can lower blood sugar levels. So, if you are hypoglycemic, Fenugreek makes these symptoms worse. Therefore, you must monitor glucose levels.
  • Possible allergic reaction. Fenugreek is a legume. People who have chickpea and peanut allergies may experience possible allergic reactions and cross-reaction. 


Who says tea may have caffeine, which can be bad for the lactating mother? With this breastfeeding tea, both the mother and the baby are safe from caffeine because the tea has no traces of caffeine. 

There are no chemicals used in the formulation of the tea, which makes it very safe and healthy.