What things you should keep in mind according to Vastu Shastra?

Absolutely unused things

Surely you know it yourself, we each have at least five things at home, for which we often say to ourselves “what if I ever used or used them by chance”. 

This “trend” was especially popular in the past with our grandmothers and grandfathers, who hid everything possible because it could have some value and sometimes come in handy. 

But these things gradually increase and accumulate in our attic or basement. One such example is books, where if you get rid of some, you will clean up old thoughts that are holding you back.

Magazines, newspapers and old documents

Have you collected or subscribed to your favorite magazine in the past? Did you regularly buy any monthly magazines? Do you have a lot of old documents that you keep storing? If you are an archivist and you like to create old receipts, employment contracts or other documents, it is important to put it all in one place. However, is it necessary to hide all contracts, guarantees or accounts completely?

The most common mistakes

We often overlook things that are caused by wear and tear and that we use stereotypically. It is therefore important to regularly walk through our home and check what deserves change and innovation. 

We should pay important attention to the front door and the entrance to our home. The entrance to our house should be taken as the entrance to the sacred place where we enter from the outer space into our intimate.

The most common changes according to top astrologer in Ludhiana we can make are, for example, replacing the doormat, washing the main entrance door, there should be a name tag and a good functional handle. The smell of home is also generally important. There are two main energy phenomena in space – energy leakage and excessive accumulation. The ideal is to keep the energy moving and to be full of nutrition. As a matter of course, if we want to get something new, it is important to give away something old. Our home would it shouldn’t become a furniture warehouse but it should be a place with things we use.

Beware of dried flowers

Energy stagnation is caused not only by a pile of unnecessary furniture or an extreme amount of things, but also by dried flowers. On the contrary, fresh and live flowers can be a revival. Through the placement of furniture, it is important to follow specific laws. It is important to look for cozy, safe and spacious locations in all rooms. The space that surrounds us also affects our lives and how we work in it. Flowers with rounded leaves are said to be an ideal choice.

The most important factor that we often register in our homes is clutter. If you also struggle with frequent clutter, try to remove all forms of clutter – garbage, things that are often on the ground or an unnecessary amount of decorations. It is also important to think about spaces that cannot be seen. For example, the space behind the refrigerator, under the bed or behind the closets. 

Vastu Shastra consultants in Ludhiana also often advise you to get rid of emotional clutter, for example in the form of old photos or things that no longer play an important role for you.