What is Garbh Sanskar and how to do it at home without any hassle

Have you heard about the term Garbh Sanskar? It is an ancient Indian way of teaching the good things to the unborn baby during pregnancy. As per science, it is proved that 60% of a baby’s brain development happens inside the womb.

According to the Indian culture, people believe that education starts right from the time baby is confirmed in the womb, this is the reason when a woman gets pregnancy elder people advised her to have positive thought and emotions during the pregnancy.

According to the research it is said that from the 7th month of pregnancy , unborn babies can hear and respond to their parent’s voice. In fact, the baby can even respond to various sounds and even music.  This is why Garbh Sanskar is one of the best practices to deliver a healthy and happy baby.

  This is a form of teaching which ensures you have a happy pregnancy and your unborn baby learns good things inside mother’s womb.  Here are the details which will amaze you for sure.

Scientific Evidence

Garbh Sanskar is highly popular across the globe because various research has provided it’s significance in the development of the baby.

Communicate with the Unborn Baby

It may sound weird but communication with the baby is the best way to bond. The baby has the ability to listens you and feel your feelings while they are still inside  the womb. you can carve your unborn baby’s first impressions inside the womb by listening to soothing music, visualizing good things, meditating, thinking positively etc.

Is It Possible To Do Garbh Sanskar At Home ?
Yes, doing Garbh Sanskar at home is very much possible, it can be done without any prior practice as well. All you need to follow the below mentioned methods.

Method to do Garbh Sanskar at home to ensure a healthy pregnancy and child.

Here are the steps which can be followed to do Garbh Sanskar at home and have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

1.  Being with Pre-pregnancy detox .

 It is mandatory for both mother and father.

The detox will make your system clean, you can also opt for a reliable Ayurvedic detox before trying for a baby. If you doubt that you are pregnant, avoid detox and follow a nutritional wholesome diet during the entire pregnancy.

 Always consult with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine before and after getting pregnant. A doctor will be the right person to guide you.  Based on the doctors advice you an proceed with Garbh Sanskar.

2. Follow a healthy lifestyle

When you are trying to conceive, follow a healthy eating and sleeping pattern. It is applicable to both the parents.Avoid intake of cigarette, tobacco, aerated drinking, alcohols and junk food. Make sure you also do some mild exercise or yoga. Each good, sleep on time , exercise and follow good health measures.

3. Bond with Child

It is best to spend time reading good books when you are pregnant.  You can also spend time listening to music and singing to your baby for having positive thoughts. This will increase the boding of parents with the unborn child. This is must to have a healthy and happy baby.

4. Listen to instruments and Mantras

Try to pray every day by chanting Samaveda mantra. You can also listen to bhajans, Gayatri mantra, Ganesha mantra to have a positive impact on your child. Apart from listening to mantras, you can also try listening to soothing music which boosts the mood and promotes positive thinking. By all this, your baby will also get positive energy.  The primary focus is to teach good things to the unborn baby via sound , talking and some good music.

5. Read good books and indulge in works of art

Enhance constructive thoughts by reading good books, be creative by taking up a hobby like painting, gardening, knitting, photography etc.   This is one of the best way, indulge in some activity which simulates positive energy and promotes mental happiness.

6. Stay Positive

Stay away from sad thoughts and avoid watching horror and thriller shows and movies, it can have a bad impact on the baby. Keep yourself engaged in positive talks and activities.