What Information Should Be on a Business Card?

Are you looking to increase your clientele? Business cards offer a professional way to leave your information with somebody or post yourself on a bulletin. 

But, to maximize their benefits, your card needs to provide specific details about you and your business. Read on to learn what information should be on a business card and strategic ways to place it. 

Company Logo

Psychological research discovered the picture superiority effect, which reveals that people tend to recall visuals much more readily than words. This makes the logo uber important business card information.

Your logo should appear in two places. First, front and center on the side without your information. Second, much smaller on the informative side of the card.

Place this important symbol at the upper right-hand corner of your business card. This will help tie your name and information with the brand.

Company Identification

Tie your name to your logo. Place the name of your business directly beneath your logo on the front of your card.

Note, nothing aside from your logo and name should appear on the front of your card. Everything else will appear together on the side with your information.

To really imprint your brand in their mind, place your tagline below your logo. Use a secondary color and a more delicate font for your tag line.

Your Name and Title

Your business card promotes you. Your name should appear bold and visible, especially when you work for a business with multiple representatives.

Since we read our language left to right, place your name on the upper left-hand corner of your business card. This tends to be the first place people look at any type of page.

It leaves no question of who to contact within the company. Do not forget to place your functional title below your name so they contact you for the right reasons. 

Contact Information

Beneath your name,  with ways to get ahold of you. Business cards should offer a number of options.

Only include an address for a business with a physical location. Otherwise, they can find this information on your website if necessary.

The first number should be whichever one you use most often. Beneath you can offer a secondary line and fax if applicable.

At the bottom of this little section, leave your email address. Many people prefer this to phone calls these days.

Web Pages

At the bottom of your card, leave people with your web information. Include your website, but not your home page.

Instead, create an introductory page that includes a video describing how you can help. Also, include your professional social media profiles so people can easily stay up to date.

White Space

Do not fill your card edge to edge. When using your business card maker, you should make sure to provide white space. This gives the eye a break so people can look and make sense of all the information.

What Information Should Be On a Business Card?

So, what information should be on a business card?

In summary, including brand logo, company name and tagline, your name and contact information, web information, and efficient white space. This will help you maximize your potential with the business card.

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