What are Blue filtering glasses and what’s the best place to buy them.

Glasses that help filter all the blue light that comes from digital devices are called blue filtering glasses. The blue light that they block is extremely harmful to our overall health. Not only does the prolonged exposure to blue light cause headaches and pain in the eyes, but it also causes terrible issues that are many times untreatable.

Blue light is basically that part of the visible spectrum that has very high energy. This high energy is dangerous for the human eye. For example, when the blue light passes through your cornea and hits the retina just like any other light, it damages the central portion of the retina called the macula. This event causes macular degeneration, which can further cause blindness.

The damaging blue light also inhibits the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This reduced production makes the body think that it’s not night time yet. And thus, it doesn’t go to sleep which is a crucial daily activity. Hampered sleep can lead to insomnia as the body’s circadian rhythm is now out of balance. Not sleeping properly also leads to building up of neurotoxins in the brain and then oxidative stress that poses harm to the brain cells. All this can lead to physiological stress and depression which further poses many problems.

Studies have also revealed that more the exposure to blue light, more are your chances of becoming a victim of obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Thus, blue filtering glasses are that which protects us from all these ill-effects and helps us live healthily.

Some people think that blue filtering glasses block 100% High Energy Visible (HEV) light. This light includes that from nature which is essential to keep the body’s circadian rhythm intact. 

The fact is no blue filtering glasses block all the high energy visible blue light. They only block 100% of the blue light that comes from digital devices. That’s because it is this light from screens that our eyes have to be shielded from. The blue light from nature, on the other hand, is quite healthy.

Where to buy Blue filtering glasses

You should buy blue filtering glasses where you find them at the best price and with the best services. At Specscart, you can find digital blue light filter glasses at a nominal cost along with free anti-UV, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant coatings. 

These blue filtering glasses are made with advanced X-blue lenses that are impact-resistant and block 100% blue light from digital devices. The anti-UV coating also helps with the harmful rays – UVA and UVB of the sun. Having this coating is necessary as inadequate protection from ultraviolet light can raise your chances of macular degeneration, conjunctivitis, photokeratitis, pterygium, and cataracts. All these are harmful eye issues that can be easily treated if diagnosed early on. But with the late diagnosis comes the risk of complete loss of vision. The anti-glare coating helps you prevent the pain and irritation that the screens generate after reflecting light off of them on your eyes. 

The frames at Specscart start at a mere price of £25. If you already have an old frame that you love, you can opt for reglazing your glasses i.e., glasses lens replacement service. This way you can have your favourite old frames, save some more money and still protect your eyes with the X-blue lenses.

Although, if you wish, you can also try 4 frames at the comfort of your home for 7 days, with prepaid shipping on both sides. Even when you order the final package of your new glasses, the shipping from Specscart is always free.

So, get cracking. Vow for your health by getting blue filtering glasses for yourself today!