Ways to Establish Trust with Your Chosen Physician Recruiter

It’s a smart idea to partner with a physician recruiter. Your goal is to hire top-notch physicians to work in your hospital. Considering the number of medical facilities available, physicians have tons of choices. It will not be very easy for them to choose your hospital unless you have something great to offer. Hence, the help of a physician recruiter would go a long way.

The only problem is that it’s not easy to entrust an internal operation to a third-party firm. You’re going to share information about your business with the recruiter. Therefore, you need to establish trust. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move forward with the partnership. These are some tips to ensure that you can trust each other.

Have a conversation

It’s not enough to research the firm online. It would help if you also talked with the representative of the firm to discuss the details of the services you would like them to provide. If the discussion goes well, it’s a sign that you could proceed with ease. If you experience issues, it’s a sign for you to look for other options.

Put everything in black and white

Even if you establish trust with the firm, you still need to sign an agreement. Everything must be clear from the start. The agreement provides the details of the services you expect the firm to deliver, and when. It also indicates the amount that you’re going to pay for the services received. In doing so, if any party violates the contract, there could be appropriate legal action.

Start with a small request

You don’t need to transfer the entire HR function to the third-party hiring firm. You can start with a few posts. If the firm delivers, you might want to expand the services you use. You can evaluate the results along with the person hired. If you think it’s good enough, you might move forward with more partnerships.

Check the people working for the firm

A physician recruitment team has several members. Make sure that they have a good track record in hiring quality physicians and other medical professionals. You can ask about the clients they have had in the past and if the partnership worked well. You might even wish to ask them for a reference so you can confirm the qualities the hiring firm is bragging about.

Again, it’s not easy to establish trust with a hiring firm. You’re going to transfer a significant task to someone outside the company. They won’t technically be your employees, but just hired contractors. It would help if you establish trust so you won’t worry about the quality of the people you bring into the team.

You need to take the job hiring process seriously, especially if it involves medical professionals. You don’t want to bring into the fold people who will place the lives of your patients at risk. The establishment’s reputation could also be on the line.