Varieties of Chokers to Flaunt

Choker is a kind of a neck piece which mainly sticks to the upper portion of the neck and one can wear them in any occasion pairing them up with their attire. Though this choker was a 70’s fashion statement but it has made a comeback again on the last few years.

As they have made a comeback, there have been an addition to the designs and varieties as well and one can make out a dainty look or a bold style statement out of it. One can go for regular fashion chokers or traditional heavy chokers depending on what occasion they are going to and what kind of an attire they are pairing it with.

Here are some varieties of chokers that one can think of wearing:

Gold Chokers

They are totally traditional and one must know that these can only be worn with traditional outfits like sari, kurti or lehengas. Pure gold chokers with self designs can be worn in any wedding occasion or family function. One can also go for Gold Pearl Choker because they look really elegant with tiny pearl beads on it. apart from that if one wants to go for a bridal choker then they can always go for kundan designs with gold, precious and semi precious stones studded on it.

Diamond Chokers

They are perfect for an evening party or a formal business party. In fact if one wants something simple but very elegant and gorgeous at the same time, then a choker with tiny diamond crystals suit them the best. One can easily pair them up with an evening gown or with a chiffon or a georgette sari so that it glitters all the way and take all the attention towards it.

Bead Chokers

These are more on the casual line and one can easily wear them in any casual outings. One can take a single colored bead line or a multi colored bead line and pair them up with floral dresses, long skirts and V neck or broad neck tops. They look really trendy and fashionable for a coffee date or a movie outing with friends.

Lace Chokers

As the name suggests these are fine single lined chokers which are made from laces. They can be of any colors and one can easily match them with the color of dresses that they are wearing. These kind of chokers are more suitable in an evening party when one is wearing a gorgeous dress.

Stone Chokers

They look really beautiful because they are mostly made from tiny bits of semi precious stones. They also look unique and the best part about these chokers are one can wear them with both traditional and western outfits. They can be of any colors (both single and multi colors) and can be really trendy.

Chokers are good to go with any kind of fashion statements and it is even easier to make lace and stone chokers at home if one is good at making all sorts of DIY ornaments.