Transfer the car – This is how the vehicle transfer succeeds at home and abroad

Whether a new car or a used vehicle – if a car is not registered when it is purchased, it must be transferred to the buyer. Basically, there are four ways of transferring a used car transport Adelaide: via the dealer, as self-pickup with/without a trailer or by a forwarding agency.

  • transfer by the dealer
  • Own transfer (drive your own car)
  • Pickup on trailer
  • carrier

Professional vehicle transfer: Numerous established companies offer a professional vehicle transfer as a service. If the offer is trustworthy, you can have both a new car and a roadworthy used car transferred by a third party. As everywhere, you sometimes come across dubious providers here. Pay attention to agreements such as a handover protocol and professionalism in demeanor. You can inquire about providers at the usual automobile clubs.

Checklist: What do I need for the vehicle transfer?

In addition to the obvious documents such as a driver’s license and ID card, you should note the following requirements for domestic or international transfers.

On your own in a country:

  • short-term license plate (if car is deregistered, valid for 5 days)
  • Valid identity card or passport (with registration certificate)
  • Electronic confirmation of insurance ( eVB )
  • Proof of a valid main inspection
  • Registration certificates Part I and Part II, alternatively the CoC papers
  • if necessary, powers of attorney with third parties

Going abroad on your own:

  • Apply for a short-term license plate, otherwise: transfer number/export number.
  • Observe the import regulations of the destination country
  • Customs duties/import tax

On your own axis from abroad

  • Admission abroad is a requirement
  • Obtain the export registration number of the country of purchase
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Nonlocal Abroad: Border Insurance
  • Find out the regulations of the country of purchase

Transport without authorization

  • Driving license B96 for trailers
  • Trailer and suitable towing vehicle

Short-term license plate: If you want to transfer your car domestically

You must apply for a special number plate for domestic transfers at the registration office. This is a number plate with a yellow field on the right-hand edge in which the registration period is entered. The yellow number plate is for the transfer of vehicles by private individuals, while only dealers use a red number plate as a transfer indicator. The following is important for short-term license plates:

Consider the time limit: You only have five days to transfer the car because that is the maximum period of validity for a short-term license plate. You have to take this into account if the location of the vehicle is far away or a weekend is coming up.