Top Tips for a Stylish Guest Room

For many people, a key part of home life is entertaining guests. Whether they are friends or relatives, holding dinner parties or summer barbecues can be the perfect opportunity for an enjoyable night and really connecting with those who are close to you. In Europe, this summer is set to be one epitomized by travel chaos for holiday makers with disruption taking place at several airports and in some of the national train networks. As a direct result of this, more people are choosing to stay at home this summer or have a staycation. Entertaining guests over summer is likely to be more popular than ever, so it makes perfect sense to upgrade or transform a room to accommodate guests who need to stay overnight. In this article, three top tips for designing the ideal guest room will be discussed.

Choose high-quality furniture

Your guest room should be as stylish and well furnished as the rest of your home. Offering guests a well-furnished room to sleep in will help ensure that they have an enjoyable stay and look forward to seeing you again. No guest wants to spend the night sleeping on an ancient and uncomfortable bed in cluttered surroundings. In short, the guest room should be an extension of your home and furnished to the same high standard. When shopping for new furniture for your guest room, take a look at high-quality furniture companies such as Ligne Roset Chelsea who offer a diverse range of tasteful furniture for every home. Ensure that the colour schemeof your guest room is complemented by the choice of furnishings so the room looks both stylish and cosy.

Add in some personal entertainment

When planning your guest room design, it makes sense to incorporate some home entertainment features that are present in other rooms of your home. A wall-mounted TV allows guests to relax and stay informed after the festivities have finished. In addition, it’s a perfect idea to consider adding in a voice-activated Bluetooth speaker that’s linked to your families’ devices. If you subscribe to music plans such as Amazon Music or Google Play Music, you can give your guest access to the world’s sounds and virtually unlimited choice in what they listen to. Voice-activated Bluetooth speaker systems are relatively inexpensive today. For the best products that 2022 has to offer in this field, click here.

Get the lighting right

It’s likely that some of your guests will enjoy reading their favourite book whilst they’re staying in your guest room. They’ll also want to be able to dress and undress in an unfamiliar room that is well lit. Therefore, the lighting levels of your guest room are really important. Choose LED bulbs that mimic the effect of daylight for a warming glow that allows reading and getting ready. In addition, it can be beneficial if you update your switches for your guests to include dimmers so that they can adjust the levels of light to suit their needs.