Top Factors to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

Is your bathroom in need of sprucing up; or did you just fall into the trap of scrolling through pictures on Instagram and Pinterest? Either way, let your creativity run wild and get started on your bathroom makeover by considering the following factors.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The most important (but easily overlooked) factor is that of space. Taking measurements of different areas in your bathroom is step one to changing it up, otherwise you may start browsing fixtures that realistically, just would not fit. Once you have a set idea on what sizes you need to be looking at, it will be easier to get designing and renovating. Working with a smaller room does not necessarily mean that it must be limiting—just that you need to be space-efficient to achieve the results you are aiming for.

What Are Your Needs?

Getting caught up in the appearance is part of the process, but it is also crucial to consider practicality as this will contribute to your overall satisfaction. Start by identifying who the room is used by, as the development will differ if it is a private bathroom to complement the master bedroom, as opposed to a family bathroom tailored to suit everyone. Making note of any accessibility or usability details will provide a foundation for commencing with the renovation.

What is Its Purpose?

Following on from personal needs, it can also be helpful to determine the purpose of the renovation. Will you be upgrading the performance of the bathroom and modernizing the facilities, or it is purely for a fresh new look that you’re after? This factor will indicate which elements to include in your planning—essentially determining how much of your old bathroom will be ripped away to complete the transformation.

What is Your Preferred Design?

This is where you can reflect on the time you spent immersed in inspiration, or perhaps initiate your search for a vision. There is no shortage of interior styles to choose from, to name a few:

  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Scandinavian
  • Rustic
  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial

Ask the Experts

You do not have to go through the renovation alone and end up with a pile of responsibilities. There are experts who specialize in different parts of bathroom renovation, whether you need the assistance of a plumber to avoid an accidental flood, or a designer who will help you find the ideal fixtures.

For example, offer bespoke bathroom design, specifically refined by a professional team to serve and satisfy the client.Help is available to make your renovation stress-free so that you can focus on the enjoyment of the seeing the bathroom you have been dreaming of, become a reality.

Schedule the Renovation Carefully

Beyond having the new bathroom built, be sure to solve any issues that may arise out of not being able to access your old one for up to five months. You should keep in mind that whilst renovations are taking place, the functionality of the bathroom will be restricted. Beyond this, scheduling the renovations at a convenient time will prevent clashes with busy periods which might cause you to feel overwhelmed.

Creating a checklist that accounts for space, needs, design, expertise, and scheduling will help your bathroom renovations to run smoothly and minimize the risk of complications.