Three Important Drawing Exercises for Budding Tattooists

A large number of individuals believe that tattooing is similar to drawing on the skin, but, this is far from the truth. There are a few overlapping skills, but, being a tattooist and being a sketch artist is different.

A good tattooist must cultivate a strong sense of colour, shape, and line. Do you wish to become one in the near future? If yes, practice the below-mentioned exercises for at least two to three years with acute diligence. Then can go get the formal training and license.

Enhance Your Thought about Lines

In the best place to get a tattoo in Thailand, new artists are asked to first concentrate on only making lines. Draw with pencil daily. Draw the different items in your house as accurately as possible. Tattoos are an amalgamation of lines. Keep this in mind when working.

After you have drawn with pencil for 10 to 12 times, get a pen with medium tip. Place a clean paper on the pencil drawing and trace the lines with the pen. You must be precise. You will notice that several complex details have mixed together. Repeat this to improve your lines and your capacity to draw designs full of intricacies.

Get Habituated With Shapes

Once you have mastered the lines, you must contemplate how the lines change when drawn on a surface that is not flat. The shape of every human body is different. You must get habituated with the various curves since you ultimately have to ink designs on those curves and not on a paper.

Start by inking your drawings with pen on a coffee cup or any other curvy container. Your lines must be perfect or as good as they were on the paper. After you are more or less comfortable, practice the same on a body part. Note how the design looks from multiple angles and how the curves of the body change the design.

Procure Information about Colours

Having a proper understanding of colour is quite beneficial. You have to know what a colour looks like individually and what it will turn to when mixed with the skin tones. You must be really good at separating and picking colours. You can get better by working on collages.

Get a coloured paper and draw any motif you desire. Now create the shadows of the motif by putting different colours on top of it. Observe how each colour changes the colour beneath it. Begin with lighter shades and then incorporate the darker ones. Dark can cover the lights obviously.

Once you have an idea how the colours interact with one another, refine your work by making motifs and shadows with as less overlap as possible. They must have a connection yet each colour must have its own essence.

According to the Thailand tattoo artists, you can hone your skills further by being an apprentice. You also get to know about the chores you have to carry out before actually working on someone.

Listen cautiously and learn fast. Look at a design on the wall, and think of all the possible ways to modify it. And, be as friendly as possible. Tattooing involves dealing with people from all the walks of life.