The Smartest Ways To Make A Statement Piece Work In Your Home

When it comes to home decor, we tend to play safe and stick to the tried and tested styles and themes. Experimentation in interior design is rare but can actually work wonders for your home. Just like in the fashion industry, statement pieces are currently a rising trend all around the globe and will give your home that subtle touch of glamor to make it stand apart. Although statement pieces are a great way to draw attention to your home, knowing how to make them work with your existing furniture is important. Statement pieces can range from curtains in the bedroom to show pieces in your formal spaces. Here’s how you can experiment with bold decor and amp up your style.

  1. Be Bold

Statement pieces are meant to be eye catchy. They are supposed to have that stunning wow factor, so don’t be afraid if a certain piece of furniture appears to be too bold. Pair it with pieces that are less ostentatious and simpler in design so that one piece of furniture can stand out. Pick out pieces that are naturally the focal point of every room, like  headboards and beds in bedrooms, sofa sets in living rooms, etc.

  1. Elevate your Home Office

Since the pandemic, work from home has become a staple for everyone. Sitting in the same room, day in and day out can quickly become tiring. The space we work in has a huge impact on our moods and sometimes the quality of work that we give out. Adding a bold, colorful piece of furniture can lift up your spirits and make your home office look vibrant. You can browse for office chairs and study tables here. Make sure to pick out furniture that also offers comfort and utility along with style and panache.

  1. Mix and Match

With a bold statement piece, using opposing textures and colors can go a long way. If the entirety of your space is light in color, adding a vibrant hue can give it the effect that you’re looking for. If your pre-existing furniture is wooden, going with something made of glass can work. Just make sure that the statement piece you choose ties the room together instead of looking garish. Juxtaposition of different materials and textures will make your decor more interesting.

  1. Have a Running Theme

If you don’t want to go out of your comfort zone but still want to experiment, you can pick a statement piece that matches with the general theme of your house. Pairing similar materials in different sizes can turn out very well or using the same color in different accents will also have the same effect as having bold furniture. Having the same lighting fixtures through the whole house also act as statement pieces as they are noticeable.

We hope these insights help you to create beautiful work from home experiences.