The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Kids’ Vision

Children are always changing, adapting, and growing. Their eyesight is a vital element of their development and should be looked after from a young age. While keeping vision is crucial at any age, children’s eyes are especially vulnerable to long-term harm. Follow these tips to make sure your child’s eyes are well-cared for and nurtured, ensuring a bright future for them!

Increased UV Exposure

During the summer, especially, children spend a lot of time outside. Even though it is not common for youngsters to wear sunglasses, this is the most important moment in their life for them to do so. Children’s pupils are larger than adults, allowing more UV light to get through. Overexposure to UV light can harm a child’s retina, which can lead to long-term eye damage. Kids’ lenses shield kids from the elements. These smart lenses block out dangerous light while allowing only beneficial light to get through.

Time in front of the screen

Blue-violet light is another possibly dangerous light source for children. Sunlight, fluorescent and LED lights and screens, flat-screen TVs, computers, smartphones, and other devices are all sources of this light. All of these produce Blue-Violet light in some form. Blue-Violet light has been demonstrated in recent studies to be nearly as damaging as UV light over time! Our eyes aren’t particularly good at filtering out this light, and a child’s eyes are even more susceptible.

Overexposure to blue light can cause vision loss, eye strain, and other negative consequences. Furthermore, blue light might disrupt your child’s sleep by tricking the brain into believing it is not time for bed.

Aspects of Everyday Life

Gone are the days when reading the teacher’s writings on the blackboard was all we had to worry about. Distractions, eyestrains, and overall discomfort are caused by school goods such as fluorescent lights, whiteboards, and digital screens. Protective anti-glare frames will make their days more comfortable and focused. Through the front and rear of the lens, this technology provides two-way glare prevention. You may relax knowing that your child will be more at ease in school, with simply the typical distractions to contend with.

Withstands the test of time

Kids’ lenses are made of the most advanced polycarbonate materials available, making them the most durable and impact-resistant lenses available. Because these glasses are tougher, lighter, and thinner than traditional plastic lenses, they have a significant advantage over traditional plastic lenses. They’re also scratch-resistant, so they won’t be harmed by minor bumps or falls.

With the appropriate pair of lenses, you can keep your children healthy, growing, and comfortable. With the newest in child eyewear technology, you can shield them from harsh environments, everyday circumstances, and other distractions. Visit us at My Kids Vision now to know more!