The Importance of Education Insurance for Children

Exactly on September 29 today, we commemorate national scholars day. In connection with the national undergraduate day, for you parents, have you prepared education for your children until college?

There is no question that education plays an important role in the life of the child in the future. By getting a good quality education, your child’s chances of having a bright future are getting bigger.

The importance of education encourages every parent, including you definitely want your child to get the best education.

However, the cost of education, especially higher education is currently very large, every year the cost of education in Indonesia increases quite significantly.

Then, how do you carry out responsibilities to children with difficult situations like this?

Education Insurance Ensures the Future of Children

There are many insurance products offered to the public today. Therefore, education insurance is perfect for you. With education insurance, you don’t have to bother thinking about how to pay for your child’s education.

Because as the name suggests, this type of insurance covers the education sector that your child will take later. Often difficulties come when you have to pay tuition fees for your child’s education.

When transitioning from kindergarten to elementary, elementary to junior high, junior high to high school, and high school to university, the amount of money to be paid is quite expensive, so you must have careful preparation about it.

Education insurance helps you to prepare for this. That way, your child will certainly get an education up to college.

Educational insurance for your child will be registered in the name of the father or mother who is the main breadwinner in the family.

Every month there is a premium fee that must be paid, the amount is set based on several considerations by the insurance company.

We recommend that you enroll your child in education insurance when he is a child, because the smaller the age, the smaller the premium that must be paid.

In addition, it turns out that the age of the parents is also a consideration in calculating the premium cost.

If you enroll in education insurance while you are young, the insurance company will judge that you have serious intentions to provide education for your child to college and the possibility that you will pay the premium over a longer period of time is greater.

Another advantage of education insurance for your child is that your child’s education costs will continue to be covered even if you have died and you no longer pay premiums.

This is very important, considering that no one knows when his life will end.

The insurance company will arrange all expenses related to your child’s education. They will take into account the range of costs for Best online Fire Insurance Company In US and consider the burdens of the needs that are borne by you as well as the premiums you have to pay.

Type of Education Insurance

In education insurance, there are two products offered, namely traditional education insurance and unit-linked education insurance. In traditional education insurance, you will get insurance that covers only the target amount of funds that will be disbursed if you die.

However, with unit-linked education insurance, if you as the insured dies, your child will still receive the sum insured and also the investment return.

Unit-linked education insurance not only provides insurance but also provides investment opportunities. Most insurers recommend that you choose insurance products.

This can be seen clearly from the simulation of the difference in traditional education insurance payments and the unit link they provide.

From their simulation, traditional education insurance will be more expensive than unit-linked education insurance. The premium payment period is longer, but the benefits and sums assured are smaller than the unit-linked.


By having insurance, your family will be better protected if difficult times come so you can always feel safe and calm. The future of your family will be more secure and planned with insurance that helps you to ensure all of that.

So, already feel that education insurance is important? Come on, have insurance right away so that your child’s future is guaranteed and your family is protected.