The Importance Of Choosing The Correct Clothing For Your Baby

Motherhood is a box of challenges. Today you might be figuring out how to feed your baby, and the next day you might have to learn the correct milk temperature. Out of all the things to be taken care of, clothes come at the top of the list. After all, they are always in contact with the baby, similar to the mother. 

New-borns and infants have sensitive and delicate skin that needs to be taken care of properly. Various textiles, ornaments, patterns and embellishments affect baby skin. Parents forget about these hazards after seeing flashy and fancy clothes. However, choosing the correct clothes for your infant, especially in the first few months is vital and here’s why

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin

Even the healthiest and strongest babies have delicate skin, which explains why we have special shampoos, soaps and other baby-friendly products. Take ample time choosing a good fabric that soothes your baby’s skin and does not cause irritation. Fabrics like cotton and rayon from bamboo work flawlessly for babies. While choosing garments, don’t forget to keep the weather in mind. Cold weather can cause skin dryness and dehydration. Buy infant winter clothes like jackets, full trousers, long-sleeve tops, hats and full-length gowns to keep the baby warm and cosy. On the other hand, summer clothes can include flowy skirts, shorts, soft T-shirts, tops, onesies and tanks.

Babies like to move

Babies like to change position. Therefore, their clothes need to be loose to allow enough movement. If they are too snug, they can restrict blood flow and airflow and cause discomfort to the little one. 

On the contrary, babies need constant changing since they are always pooping, vomiting, spitting or messing around. So be prepared for frequent changes and to help you with this hectic back and forth. A pro tip is to pick clothes with zippers and snaps instead of buttons. 

High-quality fabrics are reusable

There are only so many times you can wear a clothing piece. If you want your baby’s favourite garments to last longer or save them for your next baby, purchase well-made and durable clothing so that you are free to keep it for decades, donate or use it as you wish. 

Babies keep growing

Infants outgrow everything, and hence you have to match their pace. It’s best to buy a size large when you are unsure about your baby’s measurements. Most clothing pieces have standard measurement guidelines but don’t depend on them too much. Pick clothing with adjustable straps, rolled-down sleeves or hemmed pants which can be adjusted and worn for a long time. Another advantage of this trick is that you can hold on to your infant designer clothes for donkey’s years.

The bottom line is to choose clothing items that your baby can comfortably sleep, feed, wiggle, and move in. Fancy and expensive do not always mean ideal. Keep your eyes open and pick clothes as per the mentioned guidelines.