Steel Ladder Vs Aluminium Ladder: Which is best?

The most common materials used to make ladders are aluminium and steel. They both come in different types and are affordable & durable as well. However, the durability of the ladder depends on how often you use it or how well you have used it.No matter what you use it for, you need a safe and durable ladder for home. But, it is difficult to be sure which ladder is better, a steel ladder or aluminium ladder. Both have their pros & cons. Let us differentiate between these two and find out which one is better.

  • Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium ladders are the most common type used for repairs, household tasks, electrical work, and to access high walls and ceilings. Due to their ease of use, being portable and affordability, they are widely used. It’s also one of the top picks of professional interior painters for the same reason.

  • Steel Ladder

You will feel assured if you are choosing steel ladders over aluminium ones as they are heavier than aluminium.This pro makes them suitable for construction and roofing work.A steel ladder conducts electricity just like aluminium, so you shouldn’t use it in harsh weather.The biggest advantage of this ladder is its strength.

Difference between Steel Ladder and Aluminium Ladder:

In some aspects, a steel ladder is good to choose from, otherwise, the use of aluminium ensures better stability and safety. Let’s differentiate them:

  • Ladders made of aluminium are resistant to rust and corrosion while stainless steel is either rusted or stimulated to reduce corrosion. The majority is that aluminium ladders carefully and naturally resist corrosion & rust.
  • Aluminium does not require as much care and maintenance as compared to galvanized steel ladders or stainless steel.Plus, they’re more affordable so you can save a lot when buying and over time.
  • The biggest advantage of using aluminium is that it will not ignite due to its non-magnetic and non-spark properties being able to withstand non-ferrous metals.Therefore, there is no risk of fire and can be used in places where magnetic devices are stored.
  • Most aluminium ladders are equipped with square steps that are deep enough for maximum safety and foot grip. On the other hand, most steel ladders have round stairs that are not jagged and are less stable.
  • Aluminium ladders are available in multiple finishes. These include clear anodized, painted, bronze anodized, black anodized etc. The best thing about aluminium it can be painted without losing its colour and shine; the same with steel but you can’t anodize it.
  • Aluminium is both user and nature friendly. Aluminium ladders these days are made from recycled materials whereas, stainless steel ladders can tarnish over time so you have to replace them resulting in a negative impact on the environment.

Final Words:

Choosing a steel ladder or an aluminium ladder is entirely up to you.But, when it comes to strength, versatility and durability, the aluminium ladder is a perfect option. All the mentioned aspects in this article will help you determine which ladder is best suited for you.