Some Amazing Facts About Hipp Formula

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Hipp formula?Milk formula for infants, right? Well, Hippis more than that. It offers a range of products like juice, cereals, bathing products for babies, and different organic milk formulas. The good thing is that the Hipp formula is completely organic and easy to digest.  It doesn’t support harming the environment and maintains the ecological balance. So, find below the unknown facts about the Hipp formula.

Hipp is a parent company

Hipp is a parent company of 3 different subsidiaries across Europe. They are Hipp Dutch, Hipp UK, Hipp Germany. There is a difference between the three formulas of these countries. Every formula is served according to the needs of the children staying there. The nutrition consumption of every country is different, and they cannot absorb the same taste. That’s why the company caters to the needs of children living there as per their own preferences.   

Hipp formulas are healthy

The Hipp formulas include nutrients, iron, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, which is equal to that of the nutrients an infant gets from breast milk. Still, it cannot be a substitute for breast milk, as it holds mother’s affection. The Hipp formula contains prebiotic and probiotic fibres that keep the bowel movements smoother and doesn’t cause digestion problems to an infant. This is because of the galacto oligosaccharides prebiotic fibre, which absorbs all the nutrients, and eliminates all the waste of the body.  This formula also contains starch that keeps your baby full for a longer period of time. If you do not want to feed your baby with starch additive formula, then you can also opt for the one without any additive. Your child will receive equal health benefits from both the formulas.

Hipp formula uses health making ingredients

The milk turns sweet and healthy after adding this Hipp formula into it. This is because of the lactose, glucose, and galactose present in it. These three components include fat and sweetness, which a kid relishes along with becoming healthier. The vitamins and minerals present inside develops the brain of the child and gives physical strength to his body. One of the components included in this formula is palm oil, which makes it exactly taste like breast milk. This is because of the Maltodextrin that is added with lactose as a sweeter. As a parent, if you feel that this might not be right for your baby, then read the label attached behind. Lastly, the prebiotics and probiotics also play a vital role here by strengthening the immune system of your baby.

Hipp formula is an eco-friendly product

The ingredients used in the making of Hipp formula are completely natural. The manufacturers generally use goat’s milk and cow’s milk to produce this formula. The products are free from any additives like sulphates and phosphates. The formula is prepared using environment-friendly technology, that encourages the use of renewable energy and finite sources.

Even the packaging of the formula is natural and harmless to the environment. The materials involved in the making of the packets are recyclable, and made with the approach ‘Best from waste’ Every person involved in the process, be it the person on the farm, production unit, departmental store or a retail outlet use recyclable sources. These sources include paper bags or containers that can be reused for a long time after purchase.  

Hipp formula is completely organic

This milk formula is completely organic and doesn’t involve any kind of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers mix. The mixture of these fertilizers while yielding in the field damages the quality, which might be harmful to an infant’s digestive system. The manufacturers understand the affection of a parent for their child and make sure not to harm their emotions.

Before the product reaches the hands of a mother. The producers check the quality more than 260 times on the fields, as well as the production plant, which is part of the Hipp supply chain. Once they find the product to be satisfactory then only they proceed for further sales. If they find something wrong with the product, then manufacturers don’t send it to the market.

Thus, these are some of the amazing facts about Hipp formula. If you found it interesting just by reading it, then imagine how exciting the benefits would be on purchasing it. So don’t wait and purchase one for yourself from Littlemooorganics soon.