Simpler Guide to Choose Best AC from Different Types of Air Conditioner

Buying an appliance is difficult. The air conditioner has become a common and important appliance that is bought, yet purchasing it can be confusing and complicated. Holding proper knowledge about the appliance is very essential. AC is an essential part of the household that is why choosing which one to purchase is significant. Let us discuss various types of air conditioners that are accessible in the market, this will help you in making the right decision for your cooling needs.

Each of these air conditioner comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dig deeper about them to make a better decision.

Kinds of Air conditioner

  • Central Air conditioner

Central air conditioners are suitable for big houses that come with multiple rooms, it makes use of the split system that easily chills all the room at one go. Like any standard AC, it also removes all the hotness from the room.

The benefit of going for central AC is that it cools all the room at one go, in the least possible time. This AC also reduces humidity thus making the whole house more comfortable to stay.

However, such AC guzzles a lot of energy which usually generates high bills. In case any problem happens in the duct, the efficiency gets affected as well.

  • Ductless mini-split

If you are looking for cooling only certain rooms then mini-split duct AC is one to go for. Here an AC consists of two units, out of which one is installed outside and the other one indoor. The internal and external units are both connected with a tube and refrigerants.

These ACs can be expensive and are highly energy efficient. Nowadays many companies are designing AC remotes in such a way that you can easily control them through remote.

The benefit of fixing ductless mini-split AC is that it can be fixed at any place while taking control of temperature.However, it might not effectively cool bigger rooms. The internal unit is mounted on the wall, so it is easily observable to everyone.

  • Window AC

These AC efficiently enables the cooling of small rooms. This AC is fixed in the window space and can lower heat in the room. These AC also come with filters that easily clean indoor air. The benefit of installing window AC is that they are less costly and can be easily fitted. They even require less maintenance.However, this AC creates lots of noise.

  • Portable AC

Installed indoor, these function just like window AC. These are good for temporary cooling and comes in small size, therefore you can use them in the kitchen or bathroom. They can be moved around freely in the house and do not require lasting installation.However, they are noisy and cannot cool big rooms.

  • Dual fuel AC

Such AC easily switches between usage of fuel and electricity based upon the room temperature. These AC can heat the room as well in winters. Comes with low carbon footprints, they efficiently cool the room without generating high bills.These AC though requires a high cost for installing.

  • Geo-thermal AC system

These AC are the latest in the market that works on insulating the property of the earth. Highly energy efficient, once installed it works for a longer period.However, installing these are difficult as well as costly.

To sum up

While buying an AC, consider factors such as budget, energy efficiency, maintenance, the requirement for space, and its cooling efficiency. With Sanyo full inverter AC you can ensure long-lasting cooling with high energy efficiency and low cost.