Questions to Ask from Your Cabinet Maker before Kitchen Resurfacing

You cannot ignore any spot of your cooking area, whether it is the wall, doors, hinges, or cabinets. Everything requires to be updated in due course of time, and so do your kitchen appliances and cabinets. You might be in a dilemma, whether to replace or reface these cabinets because of malfunctioning or operational issues. Well, kitchen resurfacing is always a better option than renovating or replacing.

Take note of the questions:

Before the professional starts resurfacing your cabinets, you should ask some questions. In the below description, you will find some valid questions that you should ask from the cabinet maker before hiring them.

Q1. Will I be able to use my kitchen during cabinet resurfacing?

Do not forget to ask this question as you need the kitchen all day long for time-to-time meals and preparation time as well for the same. Generally, the reply is in your favour and is an absolute yes! Thus, you will face no problem while working during the kitchen resurfacing. However, if there is a shelf or cabinet above your gas stove, then you might have to do some adjustments in your time; otherwise, it will be usable all the time. It is better to arrange something for a few days till the work is being done. You don’t want people interrupting you or invading your privacy. Some dust or wood pieces could just end up in your plate.

Q2. How is the condition of my kitchen cabinets?

When you realise that your cabinets are becoming troublesome in your daily work, you seek help from the cabinet maker. You might think that replacing or renovation is the only solution when you see cracks or diminishing in the polishing. But it is not necessary that they recommend the same. In case of swollen wood, sagging doors, etc., they may ask you to replace them depending on the condition.

Q3. How much time will it take to complete the resurfacing of the cabinets?

Depending on the amount of work required in thekitchen resurfacing, cabinet and the count, your service provider can tell you an approximate time to complete this work. It usually takes 3-5 days, but it may vary, could be less or more depending on the job.

Q4. What will be the material used and the colour texture of my cabinets?

Different service providers have their unique way of dealing with things. For example, if you are getting your cabinets painted, then there are various brands available in the market. Therefore, it is better to take suggestions for the kitchen resurfacing services providers as they know more. You may also ask what color texture will suit your kitchen cabinets according to the wall shades or the interior decor. Ask them to show you some pictures, templates, or samples to get a better understanding of it.

Q5. What are the charges for the services?

You should know all the details about what work is done and how much the service provider is charging for it. Continue searching for the kitchen resurfacing service provider until you are not satisfied with the amount of work and the costs. There are possibilities that other service providers facilitate the same job in fewer amounts. Hence, do not forget to ask for the costing details.

Q6. Will this cost me a lot?

In general, when the cabinets look worn out remodeling is needed and that is cheaper and durable. Your service provider can tell you whether there is a requirement for it or not. Or if they are buying it on your behalf, ask them the cost, durability, polishing quality and other aspects. The total cost of materials needed will vary but the labour charges are always fixed. The repairing of the kitchen will always cost lesser than building a new one.

As a vigilant customer, you should always know the inside out of the services granted. However, a good service provider will never fail to answer these questions of yours Do not hesitate to ask any other question about kitchen resurfacing to our experts. This will not just help your cabinet maker to understand your requirement but will also result in better outputs.