Practicality and Value for Money make 2022 Buick Encore GX a must Buy

Most people in 2022 are looking for vehicles that offer appropriate practicality as well as value for money. This is one of the reasons people are searching for Buick vehicles as they offer both. One of the cars that most people are considering to be a must-buy is the 2022 Buick Encore GX.

You can check it out and more when visiting Delran Buick dealer if you are curious about this automobile. However, take a look at its practicality and value for money trims in detail that has made it a must buy.


One of the reasons, why people opt for this vehicle is its practical interior and how it can be used as an everyday car or weekend cruising. Ample space is what the 2022 Encore GX provides to people. Apart from the rear seat, the passenger front seat can also be folded if required. It assists in loading items that are quite long easily.

With unfolded seats, this car can hold 5 carry-ons and with rear seats stowed, it can handle 16 suitcases. This shows how much space is available for people looking to get this car. Most cars in this segment fail to provide such a huge space, making it one of the most practical cars in this category.

Also, its cabin is sturdy and built with high-grade materials. Also, it comes with heated seats, leather upholstery, etc. along with larger space for passengers than what a smaller Encore can provide.

Moreover, two powertrains are available for people to choose from that allows this vehicle to be ideal for everyday use as well as weekend cruising. The 1.2L engine offers 137 horsepower, while the 1.3L delivers 155-hp. Also, this vehicle is available in FWD or AWD format and CVT as its transmission.

29 to 32 mpg is what it offers on the highway making it quite a practical ride for people. For any other details of its practicality, one should visit Delran Buick dealership. Also, such a visit will allow one to take a detailed look into the interior and also test ride it.

Value for money models

Another reason for this car’s growing demand is its value for money variants. The base model is “Preferred” and it starts from $25,599. The “Select” trim will cost you $26,945 and the “Essence” version costs $30,120.

Such a remarkable vehicle at such an affordable cost is what makes people believe that it’s one of the best “value for money” vehicles nowadays. You can choose any of the trims that are mentioned above and you or your loved ones will have a great vehicle for everyday activities.

For any more details on this vehicle, it is ideal for an individual to reach out to an authorized seller of Buick cars. From the aforementioned information, it is clear why this is slowly becoming the must-buy car in this category.

If you don’t want to decide in haste, then take a test drive of 2022 Buick Encore GX first and enjoy the experience first-hand!