Practical Tips for Ensuring Restaurant Cleanliness

If you are working in the restaurant industry, then you are probably familiar with how demanding it can be. From prepping meals to cooking and serving them, it requires a great deal of fast-paced work. One of the most essential components of restaurant management is to ensure that the dining and kitchen area is as hygienic and clean as possible. Not only will you get better and higher ratings from the health department, it will also allow you to create a clean ambiance that your customers can enjoy. But, how do you do that? Here are some practical tips that can be used for ensuring restaurant cleanliness:

Tip 1: Keep all linens clean

It is essential for tablecloths, napkins and curtains to be cleaned on a daily basis. Having clean linens is hygienic and it should also be noted that unsightly stains would only scare away potential customers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have extra new linens in the storage closet that can be used regularly.

Tip 2: Sanitize the Freezer and Fridge

The freezers and refrigerators in restaurants can often be neglected. No one wants to clean out the refrigerator, especially when food stains stick to the surface because of the cold temperature. Regardless, it is vital for a restaurant to sanitize the inside as well as the outside of a freezer and refrigerator to ensure that the food being stored is as germ-free and fresh as possible.

Tip 3: Clean utensils and cooking surfaces

Whenever a new dish is being prepared, cooking surfaces should be kept clean and new utensils should be utilized. It is crucial to only cook on sanitized surfaces when raw meat is involved. Furthermore, there are a lot of people who have food allergies and can get seriously sick if their food is cooked with contaminated utensils or on contaminated surfaces. For every restaurant, the health of their customers should be a priority, which means sanitization all utensils and surfaces after a meal is cooked.

Tip 4: Proper attire for employees

Another practical tip for ensuring restaurant cleanliness is to ensure that all employees are wearing proper attire. This doesn’t mean they are following the dress code. They should wear hairnets in the kitchen and restaurant gloves should be worn when handling food. Protective aprons are also a must.

Tip 5: Wash hands correctly

Even though this seems like common sense, there are many adults who do not wash their hands correctly. It is necessary for restaurants to have a separate sink in the kitchen for washing hands. Signs should also be hung in the restroom and the kitchen by the sinks for reminding employees to wash their hands. It is also a good idea to educate employees about the health hazards that are associated with improper washing of hands.

Tip 6: Clean restrooms everyday

This is an important step for every restaurant. Restrooms should be checked after every hour. They should be cleaned at least once a day or more frequently, depending on the use.