Phone For Elderly And People With Disability: Let Them Connected!

Everyone wants to get connected, especially those who are elders. They want to get connected, especially when they are alone at home. Who says only people without disabilities can use phones? Phone For Disability has the following features:

  • Auto answer
  • Extra loud
  • Huge buttons
  • No computer skills required

Auto answer feature

These phones are perfect for those with dementia, emergency, and elderly people. Two-way video and sound made specifically invented for people with disabilities and the elderly to make their daily communication just like the normal days when they were younger and also made it easy for people with hearing disabilities to stay connected.

User-friendly buttons

Indeed, elders are expected to have shaky hands. Smartphones are not user-friendly for shaky-hand people. But, a phone with a disability is good for people with a shaky hand, it doesn’t react immediately, so it is no hassle for them while being used. For elders with low vision as well as those who have a vision problem, this is a great use, and also people with poor hearing conditions. 

Super easy phones

Most phones today are hard to operate, especially the elderly. They need months of practice before they can use it. Yes, it doesn’t need to be computer-skilled or tech-savvy to use the phone. It has no logins, icons, menus, or passwords. Users can use personalized contacts, text sizes, buttons, colors, and language. 

Phone for seniors

Smartphones provide entertainment. It is not only used for communication but also for making seniors entertained. Plus, it makes the elderly’s life more efficient and easier. Seniors use apps on their phones for the following purposes:

  • helps remember where they parked
  • ensures they take on-time medication
  • communicates with their doctor
  • receives severe weather alerts

The app helps seniors live independently and confidently while at home. Seniors looking to sharpen their thinking use brain-training apps that help boost logical thinking and memory. The brain-training apps help seniors:

  • Sharpen their thinking
  • Improve memory
  • Improve logical thinking
  • Slow the aging process
  • Stay mentally fresh

Elders are not baby boomers, but elders can also consider baby boomers regardless of their age since they are baby boomers in new technologies and gadgets. These have hundreds of options, including additional applications, and use very basic features, like finding or texting the date and time.

To help your elders stay connected and help them entertained, give them this phone for personal use. If you have loved ones with poor hearing, this is not a problem. They could have problems with their hearing, but not with their eyes. Still, they can operate the phone easily and make them feel connected without your assistance. 

The phone for disabilities makes the lives of elders and poor-hearing people easier.