New Heights in the Wellness Sector are Being Attained Thanks to Innovation

Over the past ten years, wellness has quickly become a near-buzzword. According to The Global Wellness Institute’s 2021 study, the wellness industry contributed 5.1% to the world’s economic output in 2020.

You can easily observe that this industry is booming when you take into account the limitations of that year. Even more impressively, 48% of worldwide consumers, according to NielsonIQ, regularly make proactive decisions regarding their health and fitness.

But since “wellness” is such a wide phrase, what particular trends in each of its main sub-sectors are propelling the market’s success as a whole?

What is the business of wellness?

The intentional pursuit of behaviours, decisions, and lifestyles that result in a holistic state of health is how the Global Wellness Institute defines wellness.

Many people used their alone time at home during Covid to reflect on their lives, careers, families, and interpersonal connections. For the first time in human history, people truly stopped to consider what was most important to them. For many, their health was the answer. This is what has really spurred the development of this industry, and in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, a variety of technology and developments are quickly making it into a blooming industry – offering enormous prospects for enterprises. If you need a professional guidance for starting a well ness related business in Dubai you can visit Dubai Mainland Company Formation.

There is a lot to unpack there, as expected. But for us, there are three specific areas to concentrate on when we consider the business opportunities: nutrition, mental health, and physical health. As we go through each section, we’ll mention the UAE-based businesses that are spearheading the wellness movement.

Additionally, we’ll look at wellness tourism, which integrates all three into a still-emerging industry. The following are the main points to consider about the wellness.

  1. Nutrition

Best body practises are becoming more widely known as a number of social media influencers emphasise the value of a healthy diet for self-care. While many of the reasons for eating healthfully may be viewed as superficial, the health advantages are undeniable, with longer lifespans coming in first.

A comprehensive strategy for addressing nutritional inadequacies and assisting people in achieving their health objectives has been established by the health and nutrition platform Countd. This is accomplished by providing users with a platform where they may get fresh, wholesome food in accordance with a customised meal plan that is in line with the objectives they have established for themselves.The Countd platform provides thorough meal planning in addition to a wealth of informational materials on nutrition and general wellness.

  1. Mental health

The pandemic has raised awareness of mental health issues. As a result of many people feeling isolated and trapped as a result of isolation, mental health difficulties have increased. Additionally, as general medical knowledge and public awareness of mental health have grown, more and more adults are seeking treatment for issues they are only now able to identify.

The cutting-edge provider of mental health and wellbeing services Safe Space, which was founded and is now headquartered in Dubai, offers businesses a secure environment for open discussions, education about the mental health and wellbeing of staff, as well as sessions with licenced therapists and counsellors.

Businesses can use its subscription model to scale the introduction of their employee wellbeing programmes. For each membership bought, Safe Space also grants a user free access to the platform. Everyone has a right to be in excellent mental health, according to this theory.

  1. Fitness

Nowadays, a lot of us rely on wearable technology to enhance our physical and mental well-being, such as sleep monitors and smartwatches. As gadgets get cheaper, more powerful, and more easily integrated into mobile devices and apps, this trend is expected to continue. Beyond the gadgets, however, businesses that are driving the fitness industry are putting an emphasis on participation and education to support people in leading better lifestyles.

  1. Wellness tourism

Wellness tourism is expected to rise by over 20% between 2020 and 2025, according to a report on the global wellness economy post-Covid, and the UAE, particularly Dubai, is laying the groundwork for this expansion.

  1. Dubai Fitness Challenge – 30×30

The Dubai Fitness Challenge, which has been running for five years and is sponsored by a number of major companies including Fitbit and Emirates and supported by the Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Education, aims to get residents of Dubai involved in 30 minutes of physical activity each day for 30 days.

This strategy, which is related to the idea of normalising self-care through a fitness-focused mindset, is simple but highly effective. The programme provides free workouts, social gatherings, and a wide range of entertainment to draw participants from all across the city. This kind of work popularises Dubai and is the main driver of both tourist and industry investment.

What comes next for wellness?

New enterprises have the best chance to profit from this burgeoning sector with assistance from The Medical Tourism Department and business accelerator programmes offered by the UAE government. Even in the private sector, programmes like the Draper-Aladdin Startup Challenge offer startups in the fitness, health, and nutrition industries the possibility to earn a $500k investment opportunity.

Although it may sound cliche, the UAE wellness business is only constrained by the employees’ creativity. As the industry as a whole continues to grow at its current rate, there will undoubtedly be an even greater number of innovative companies in the field. You can also check out Start a Cryptocurrency Business in Dubai for additional information.