Mixers for the food industry

To stay on the current market, factories and enterprises have to develop new ways to increase production rate. Modern technologies and advanced machinery greatly improve production and increase the safety level in the workplace. Therefore, each processing plant must have several pieces of such equipment. Without a doubt, one of them is a food mixer. This type of equipment allows you to keep your business running smoothly. The device is a must-have if you want to keep up with the competition. What is it used for exactly? What are its greatest advantages? Find out now!

What are mixers used for?

An electric mixer is a professional machine that greatly facilitates the process of mixing and grinding of many foodstuffs. It is used mainly in butcheries, but it will also work well in all food industry plants. Mixers are designed to replace the much slower manual mixing of various products. Therefore, such devices should be found in all the places where large amounts of food are produced on a daily basis.

What are the types of food mixers?

The food mixers have a very wide range of applications. They can be used for a variety of foodstuffs of varying consistency. Stuffing, salads, sauces, cakes, vegetables or even cheese will not be a problem. Moreover, the mixers can also be used to pickle meats, salads, and frozen foods. The versatility of these devices guarantees that they will find their place in many processing plants.

Vacuum mixers are professional devices which ensure the highest quality of food products. Their operation is based on the specific conditions. The air is sucked out of the chamber before the mixing process starts. The lack of air preserves the natural taste, smell, and colour of the products. Moreover, this method of processing extends the shelf life of a given product. All devices of this type are made of the highest quality stainless components. Durable and solid materials protect machines from mechanical and chemical damage.

Where to buy machines for the food industry?

The equipment used in the food industry has a direct impact on the safety and quality of the foodstuffs. Therefore, each machine should meet the highest hygiene requirements. For this reason, the devices must be purchased from trusted and experienced dealers. For many years, BMG Trade has been trading quality mixers, but also other equipment for processing food products. They can find used machines and entire production lines in perfect condition.

How to choose the right food mixer?

Each company has slightly different requirements regarding the size and speed of operation of a specific machine. Because of that, it is worth getting acquainted with the wide range of food mixers of various brands. Some devices can have functions that will facilitate the adaptation to the specifics of the workplace. The most useful amenities include:

  • high-power electric motors,
  • pneumatically opened covers,
  • advanced cooling systems.

Machines are available in many sizes; therefore, they can be used both in large processing plants and in smaller catering establishments. Always pay attention to the design and build quality. A well-designed mixer will be easy to maintain and clean.