Looking To Insure Your Camera? Here’s What You Need To Know

DSLR cameras are expensive devices used by professionals and amateurs alike. Many individuals choose to carry such cameras during their vacations or trips.

Due to their widespread popularity and demand, theft of DSLR cameras is a common occurrence in India. To minimise your losses in such unfortunate events, purchasing proper camera insurance in India is integral.

Why do you need DSLR insurance plans?

Listed below are some of the advantages of availing a camera insurance plan.

  • Helps gain financial assistance if your DSLR camera undergoes damage due to a fire.
  • Assists you to avoid financial strain if the camera suffers a mechanical or an electronic breakdown.
  • Often, the user may accidentally harm the equipment during use. In such a case, DSLR Camera Insurance can come to your aid.
  • Theft, leading to an imminent loss of your beloved camera in question, can be devastating. With proper insurance for cameras, you can recover a significant portion of the camera’s market price.
  • Most insurance plans for your DSLR will also cover against damages to the device during strikes and riots.

Some important exclusions to know in camera insurance plans

Your camera insurance policy in India does not financially protect your DSLR against all forms of damage. Listed below are certain instances where you cannot claim your insurance cover for the device.

  1. Natural wear and tear – All electronic devices, including your camera, undergoes wear and tear over time. The longer you use the DSLR, the more damage it will suffer simply due to usage. No insurance plan provides coverage of such damages.
  2. User’s wilful negligence – Suppose you leave the camera inside your unlocked vehicle and it is stolen. In such a case, you are equally responsible for the loss. Therefore, your insurance company is likely to reject your claim for the theft. If the same thing happened from a locked room or vehicle, your insurance claim becomes valid.
  3. Pre-existing abnormalities – Some cameras come with manufacturing defects. These defects do not fall under insurance coverage when you buy camera insurance plans. To resolve such damage, you should instead contact the device’s manufacturer.

Best time to purchase camera insurance policies

Consumers must purchase camera insurance in India within the first 30 days after purchasing the DSLR in question. Individuals with older devices are unqualified for similar coverage.

Keep in mind that the invoice date is considered as the date of purchase for your camera. Calculate from this date and ensure you buy before the time runs out.

Can a baggage insurance plan protect cameras during travel?

Travellers who plan to carry their DSLR devices inside their bags during a trip can opt for Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions such as a Baggage Insurance plan offered in case of a baggage loss, your insurance company will reimburse the cost of your camera.

However, such a policy is only valid during travel. To ensure proper protection for your DSLR camera daily, opt for camera insurance in India.

Photographers often possess costly equipment including printers, calculators, scanners, copiers and much more.

Therefore, it is not sufficient to insure your camera alone. A separate electronic stationary insurance policy can safeguard additional electronic items in your home or at office.

How can you apply for a camera insurance policy?

You are free to apply for such an insurance plan, either online or offline. An online application offers the greatest convenience.

You need to visit the insurance company’s website, choose the product, fill out the detailed form and pay the insurance premium. Ensure you avail such policies if you possess an expensive DSLR camera.