List Out Most Used Language Typing Software in India

It is an irrefutable fact that English is the preferred language when it comes to typing on the Windows operating systems. It is a convenient language that is used for personal and official purposes. But, the importance of Indian scheduled languages also cannot be denied as most of the Indian states have mandated regulations to work in local languages on computers. There are many useful applications that are used widely in India due to their impeccable features. In this blog, you will get to know about the highly used Indian language applications, so let’s take a look below.

Amar Bangla

When it comes to precise text writing in the Bengali language; the name of Amar Bangla or Bangla word software strikes in the mind. The application has been created by Bangla Software Group to write text in Bangla using the MS-word. It is the best app that has been connected phonetically to the English QWERTY keyboard, so it provides ease, speed, and accuracy to type in Bengali.

People of West Bengal make extensive use of this app and it is also broadly popular in Bangladesh. If you have a need to craft messages or documents in Bangla, then you can replace your standardized MS-office tool with this software. It has been activated with 39 Bangla fonts and is available at no cost to download. So what is stopping you from downloading this amazing app?

India typing software

This one is the particular application that has been programmed to write text in Hindi, the most common language in India. You can utilize this app with utmost ease since it is compatible with all Hindi keyboards and work with the most used Mangal font. The app is completely free to use and one can run it without an internet connection. Moreover, it is the automated software that can convert English text into Hindi in the blink of an eye.

Marathi typing tool

Like Bangla, Marathi is also a popular Indian lingo that is used primarily in the state of Maharashtra and several parts of Goa, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. Many folks use this idiom to work on a PC by using popular tools like Marathi typing. It is a genuine application that works as a free English to Marathi converter. The application comes with different keyboard layouts and can be used conveniently on a windows PC without any hitch.


It is a straightforward application that has been used in many parts of India for its responsiveness and ease. It renders a fast typing service to users for typing text in a variety of languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, and Gujarati, etc. The best property of this application is that it can allow users to convert complicated words easily into the local language without much thinking. However, it is mostly suitable for business purposes since you cannot use it without paying, because the free version of this tool is only available to run for a limited trial. It costs nearly 299 rupees per month.

ISM Malayalam

The name to remind if you are considering software that is 100 percent trusted, safe to use, authorized, and can type in the Malayalam language. It is approved by the government of India and has been programmed by C-DAC GIST that is popularly known for developing advanced computing solutions. You can download and use this power-packed tool without any charges and can run it on your Windows PC for Malayalam typing. ISM Malayalam is extensively in demand to create Malayalam documents with precision and clarity and has been used in the state of Kerala and surrounding areas in government institutions, colleges, and private organizations as well. The tool is 100 percent safe as it has been protected with an anti-virus system. Games like Jeet11 also support this software.


It is also in the category of most used Indian language softwares because it can support writing in many idioms. You can get this app installed on your Windows 10 PC to write documents, make spreadsheets, craft emails, and make presentations as well. It is a professional application that is in huge demand in the Indian market. It also comes with freeware but only for limited trial use. The starting price for this tool is approximately 300 Indian rupees.

Final words

Typing in the Indian languages can be a complicated task, but if you have the right tool installed on your PC, you can do such a task like a cakewalk. These are the appropriate applications that you can choose as per your specific needs and can use handily.