Latest Guide on Netgear Genie 2020

Grab your device to download the Netgear genie app today and start managing your network in your own way!

If you’re a Netgear router owner, then you must go through this guide to start managing your network at your finger tips.

First things first, let us give you a brief introduction about the Netgear Genie.

Network Genie is you’re a complete solution for all of your network issues. You can manage your network, share files over the network and even can monitor the currently paired devices.

And the best part is with Netgear genie you can very easily execute your new extender setup in no time. That’s amazing isn’t it? Basically this app was made with the vision to provide users the leverage of accessing their router’s settings on their mobile device. In other words, it’s that functionality that allows you to manage your network on the palm of your hand. Let us put light on some amazing features of the Netgear Genie.

Cool Features of Netgear Genie:

· Best FREE app to monitor, manage and secure your network.Netgear Genie is the best app with which you can’t just monitor your network but also can manage and secure as per your preference. Not only this, you won’t actually believe that this is a FREE app. (Provided that the firmware of your router must be up to date.)

· Enjoy the leverage of managing your network from your fingertips.Managing your network has never been so easy like the functionality that netgear genie provides. Here is a quick review of what you can do with this smart app:Can execute a speed test.Setup Guest Networks.Can help you with managing the network credentials.Allows you to monitor all the currently paired devices.

· Manage your Guest Networks for friends:If you are concerned about your privacy then the guest networks are solely meant for you. The reason being with the guest networks, you can share your internet with your friends without compromising with the network security. It’s kind of a secure network other than the original network that you’re using. Hence eliminate the risks of security breaches.

· Using Network map to monitor and manage your devices: The network genie allows you to monitor and manage every device that is currently paired with your network. Not only this, with the Netgear genie you can easily access mywifiext to configure your new extender or router. That means you no longer require the netgear extender manual guide, to set up your new extender.Also, you can track the Internet status of the devices paired to your network. A green color resembles a good connection, whereas a red color signifies a bad or No connection.And the best feature is, you will be notified each time whenever a new device will connects to your network. Amazing, isn’t it?

· Guard your privacy: Netgear genie is like a safeguard for your network. Not only it can monitor the devices that are connected to your network, but also provides you the functionality to disconnect your any device at anytime. Moreover, you can also change your Network credentials at any time in just a few seconds. And with the SSO (single sign on) feature, you can even set a single login credential for your every network profile.

· Remote access ability: Remote access is the latest feature of the Netgear genie. As the name suggest, with this feature you can remotely access your network settings. You can create a user and generate a specific password for this. By using this profile and password you can remotely access your router settings via

· Parental Controls: You can even set parental controls directly from your phone. No need to engage in hassle & bustle of your router’s portal.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your device to download the Netgear genie app today and start managing your network in your own way!

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