Know The Beauty of Cerakote Finish!

There might be many finishes in the market and people might be choosing one over another for various reasons but the one finish that has become almost like a buzzword in the last couple of years is Cerakote.

If you always keep tabs on the latest updates and improvements in the coating market then you must have heard about Cerakote. Although this effective and popular coating choice has been around for years, it took many years to become mainstream.

So, what has made Cerakote one of the most popular types of coatings, and why are so many people choosing it for various surfaces? Let’s find out through this blog post.

The beauty of Cerakote finish

Gun finishes

Almost all well-made firearms come with an initial finish or coating that keeps the surface safe from dust, debris, and corrosion. The initial layer of coating is necessary because even the best type of steel can undergo wear and tear over time and the coating acts as a protective layer in this case.

With proper coating, the gun can keep on performing for a long period of time as the custom gun coatings are designed to keep alloy metal or the core steel safe from corrosion and other types of wear and tear.

Nowadays, most gun manufacturers are switching from the different types of coatings to Cerakote since it offers a long list of advantages over all the finishes that gun manufacturers earlier used.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a type of modern finish that is also used in the form of a coating while being applied on any surface. This means that when you apply Cerakote custom coatings then it can change both the appearance and the texture of the material of your gun along with offering a long list of benefits.

The proprietary formula that is used in the finish is owned by a company with the same name. The word Cerakote has been derived by mixing two words “ceramic” and “coat.” With time, it is being expected that almost all gun manufacturers are going to shift from the traditional finishes and coating to Cerakote.

We can say that Cerakote is a ceramic-looking finish that combines with ceramic particles and this forms a hard surface that can keep damages at bay and it can also keep out the moisture and all other harmful particles that affect the quality and look of the surface.

Why is Cerakote ideal for firearms?

There is a long list of benefits offered by Cerakote and that makes it ideal for firearms. For starters, Cerakote is considered the best finish when it comes to protection against even extreme oxidation and corrosion. When compared with bluing the firearm and all other types of coating, Cerakote always outperforms every other option.

This can prove to be helpful if your firearm is regularly exposed to a marine or humid environment. But in addition to this, the very effective ceramic coating in the form of Cerakote can also provide protection against debris and dust damage. This makes it ideal for dry, hot, and desert environments.

There are many firearms in which you need to add an extra layer of thickness to the weak parts so that they can withstand even extreme conditions and usage. Well, this extra layer of thickness can be provided by Cerakote finish.

It doesn’t matter which type of firearm you are using or in which type of environment you use the firearm, Cerakote finish is always the best choice as it offers a long list of benefits in comparison to what the other finishes offer.