Know About the Most Expensive Tattooists All Around the World

Why do you want normal skin when you can decorate it with aesthetically pleasing tattoos? Tattoos can spice up your otherwise dull appearance in absolutely no time. While most individuals wish to opt for someone who can assure quality as well as affordability, the following write-up specifies the most expensive artists all across the globe. They have inked famous celebrities, and if you got enough money, you can surely be next.


YairShimansky, a reputed jewellery designer, presented the world with the priciest tattoo. The experts offering body arts and kids ear piercing in the Gold Coast said the elaborate design is etched with approximately 612 half-carat diamonds.

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is considered a superstar tattooist, who has made inks for folks such as Marc Jacobs and Heath Ledger. He has a long waitlist by the way. The customers have to book a session three months prior. Get complex coloured and black & grey motifs that could easily encompass spacious body parts.

Stephanie Tamez

Stephanie Tames is a Brooklyn based tattoo artist. You have to pay about $300 per hour for the services. She primarily specialises in stylish fonts and typefaces. To check out her portfolio, please go through her Instagram account.

Ami James

Ami James has impressed a larger segment of the population by making appearances on the shows such as NY Ink and Miami Ink. She charges $500 per hour and has lately emerged as the co-founder of the Tattoodo. Tattoodo is an online platform that enables individuals to get customised designs.

Anil Gupta

The work traffic of Anil Gupta is abstract; his strategies are literal and concrete. His studio is full of detailed research in the form of photos and books. He uses them to recreate visually appealing designs – designs that can let you stand out. Gupta’s waitlist is about six months.

Bob Tyrrell

In case you are looking out for a clean, simple, and captivating portrait of the pop-culture icons, you would want to get in touch with Bob Tyrrell. His designs feature classic Hollywood elements and his prices are less when compared to the artists in the list.Tyrrell’s works are only in black & grey.

Brandon Bond

Brandon Bond is based in Atlanta amalgamates realism and stylisation in a seamless manner. The pieces create favour lots of vibrant colours, saturation, and on-point attitude. If you can wait many years, you have to pay only $200 per hour.

Daniel Winter

Daniel Winter focuses on huge and intricate pieces. He creates tattoos that scream subtleties.  For instance, he gave renowned Hollywood actress, Mandy Moor, and her fiancé, Taylor Goldsmith, matching tattoos. Mandy got a ‘T’ and Taylor got an ‘M’.

Dave Tedder

Dave Tedder’s tattoos are replete with details. He combines the classic Americana aesthetics with modern Japanese fine arts. Tedder adopts Zen approach to his work and life. But his bills are unfortunately a little high.

Not everyone has the fortune of collaborating with the aforementioned well-known artists. However, they can surely opt for designs that are within their means. The tattoo prices in the Gold Coast are cent per cent reasonable. Also, almost all the studios here make sure to comply with the internationally recognised hygiene standards under all circumstances, so, the infections are off-limits.