Is Teeth Whitening Treatment Recommended After Braces?

These days, your appearance and style are important factors in influencing others. Everyone tries different methods to look better and be more attractive. One of the most important things you should care about if you want to look better is your smile. People with white, shiny smiles usually are more confident and can communicate with others easily. Nowadays, having a set of white teeth has become a trend and gained more popularity. It explains why people have started to visit cosmetic dentists for help to achieve a white, dreamy smile. However, some specific conditions may make you unable to have your teeth white just the way you want. According to dentists who provide teeth whitening near Oakville, for those who wear braces, it’s understandable to deal with dental stains and tooth discoloration. Typically, it’s hard to clean your teeth with braces, requiring so much effort and time. People with bracers are so willing to whiten their teeth as soon as removing their braces. Therefore, professional teeth whitening treatment is recommended for people who have removed their metal bracers to improve their smiles. Still, you must consult your cosmetic dentist to find the best whitening way. Our guide to teeth whitening after braces explains everything you need to know.

What are the different types of teeth whitening?

There are different types of teeth whitening treatment you can pick based on your needs:

  • In-chair teeth whitening – one of the quickest ways to whiten your discolored teeth is in-chair teeth whitening treatment. The treatment takes only 60 to 90 minutes, and you can immediately see the results. Your cosmetic dentist uses a high-concentrated bleaching agent, which will be activated with an IV light.
  • In-office teeth whitening – although this method is more expensive, the results are more durable. Your cosmetic dentist uses a strong peroxide gel to remove tartar and dental stains.
  • Triple treatment – if the stains aren’t easy to remove and you are used to drinking wine and coffee too much, this option can be right for you.

Why is it better to whiten your teeth after removing braces?

Your braces make oral hygiene significantly challenging, which is why tooth discoloration is common among people with bracers. Your brackets don’t let you clean some areas, leading to the uneven color of your teeth over time. It’s not satisfying enough to have a set of aligned but yellow teeth after removing braces. Therefore, teeth whitening treatment is recommended by all cosmetic dentists to make your smile completely perfect and enjoy it.

How to prevent tooth discoloration while having braces?

You should understand dental stains are normal if you have braces. However, some special dental care tools are suggested, which are designed to help people with braces have a better oral hygiene routine. Your cosmetic dentist will explain some helpful tips for you to follow. Brush and floss your teeth carefully to prevent and lessen the risk of tooth discoloration.

Still, it’s better to wait at least six months to whiten your teeth when you remove your bracers. It’s highly recommended to listen to your cosmetic dentist’s advice as they can give you the best suggestions based on your needs and condition.