Innovative Diagnostic Imaging & Procedures Brought to You by Expert Radiologists

Accidents happen, and these are the types of circumstances that we can’t control. Whatever happens, accidents can’t be avoided, which is why being careful all the time is essential to prevent these from happening. Some of the accidents that occur are broken bones, where you will need x-rays to determine where the problem is and how to fix it. In times like these, you will need the help of a Melbourne radiology clinic that’s affordable and has complete equipment. Thankfully, Imaging Associates not only have x-ray services but so much more.

Imaging Associates offers not only diagnostic imaging but also interventional procedures. With skilled and expert radiologists on board, they can provide top-notch services that you won’t find anywhere else. Their job is to help determine the problem without you needing to spend too much. They offer low-cost services while making sure that you get the help you need. All of these and more are only available at Imaging Associates.

Diagnosing the Problems for You

When you bump your head hard or break your arm, you always go to a radiologist. These are experts in reading diagnostic images to know the main problem. Diagnostic radiologists are sometimes called the Doctor’s Doctor because they know how to diagnose a problem just by looking at your x-rays. But it’s not only x-rays that they know how to interpret. Imaging Associates are fully equipped to help find the leading cause of your problems. They handle a long list of Diagnostic Imaging.

Some of their services are 3T MRI, General and Chiropractic X-Ray, Ultrasounds, Multi-Slice Low Dose CT, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, DEXA, Cardiac Imaging, and Dental Imaging. The team of expert radiologists can help you out when it comes to determining the health problems you may have, which your Doctors can only see through diagnostic imaging. Luckily, these are cost-effective compared to other radiology clinics in Melbourne.

Interventional Procedures at Imaging Associates

Interventional Radiology is also known as IR. It’s when doctors use medical imaging to guide them during minimally invasive surgeries or procedures that can treat, cure, and diagnose many kinds of conditions. Imaging modalities used include CT Scan, Ultrasounds, MRI, and Fluoroscopy. Interventional Radiologists usually make small incisions on your abdomen and insert needles or catheters to treat the conditions inside your bodies. The medical images are used to guide the catheters through blood vessels, arteries, and organs. There is a specialized x-ray camera above them, which will be the basis of the operation. It will help them take a look at the inside of your body without the need to cut your body open.

Imaging Associates offer these minimally invasive surgeries and procedures. These include Musculoskeletal Injections, Spinal Injections, Direct Tendon Injection, Autologous conditioned serum (Orthokine) Injections, PICC Line Insertion, Lap-Band Adjustments, Radio Frequency Denervation, and Women’s Health such as Breast Procedures: FNA, Biopsies, Hook Wire Localisation.