Impotence At A Young Age, The Causes And How To Treat It

Impotence at a young age can be caused by physical, psychological, and lifestyle factors. This disorder is a condition when a man cannot get an erection normally.

Erectile dysfunction or better known as weakness, is a condition in which a man can not get an erection or maintain an erection from the penis. This condition causes the physical activity to be disturbed or inhibited.

Impotence has been compatible with old age disease. However, currently, the number of men under 40 who experience impotence continues to increase. Physical, lifestyle, and psychological factors can also cause impotence at a young age that needs to be watched out for.

Causes of impotence at a young age

There are a number of causes, be it physical or psychological, which results in impotence. In fact, in some cases, male impotence can be a sign of a serious health condition.

1. The cause of physical impotence

Physical condition greatly affects a man’s erection ability. The reason is, to get and keep an erection, normal and healthy body circulation is needed.

Such as atherosclerosis & blocked blood flow can male impotence. That is, high blood pressure can interfere with a man’s erection and endurance.

In impotence caused by physical disturbances, the symptoms of impotence will appear slowly. Decreased libido, nor did it happen drastically and suddenly.

2. Psychological causes of impotence

Love drive and desire have a role in the process of erection, which comes from the work of the brain. However, mental conditions, such as depression & anxiety disorders, can interfere with the process so that an erection does not go well.

In this case, anxiety related to family, career, money, & other life events, can have a direct effect on impotence. In impotence caused by psychological factors, generally, there is a sudden and drastic drop in libido.

Apart from physical & psychological causes, lifestyle can also lead to impotence, such as drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and consuming drugs.

3. The cause of impotence due to an unhealthy lifestyle

Impotence at a young age can also occur due to unhealthy lifestyle patterns that are usually done every day. Some of them are frequent consumption of alcohol, using illegal drugs, and smoking.

Frequent alcohol consumption can block nerve impulses and prevent them from becoming a communication pathway between the brain and body. This also affects the nervous system during erection.

Then, drug addiction can also cause impotence because it causes blood flow to narrow and makes the blood circulating the penis to be restricted.

Finally, smoking can also cause impotence because the nicotine in cigarettes can settle in the body. These deposits will turn into piles, which, when they are excessive, can cause blood flow to be not smooth, and it is difficult to get an erection.

Proper impotence therapy

After knowing the causes of impotence that occur, you are expected to be able to seek impotence therapy that suits your condition. Impotence therapy can be various for each person. Cenforce 150 and Vilitra are to treat male impotence that you can try.

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle to be healthier can be an impotence therapy that can be done at the earliest. Not only overcoming impotence, but this step will also be useful for your health in the future.

You are recommended to exercise regularly, eat foods that are good for heart health, quit smoking, and limit alcohol consumption. If the impotence that occurs is related to personal problems, such as problems in the relationship with your partner, you can also try counseling to help solve it.

2. Build a good relationship with your partner

The condition of impotence often makes men feel less confident and more depressed. This is, of course, very risky to make impotence worse.

For this reason, communication with your partner is very important to express what you think and feel. That way, you will at least decrease the pressure inside by expressing it to your wife. Also avoid thinking too much about your career and work.

3. Treatment & surgery

If the cause of impotence is a dangerous health problem, you can consult a doctor to get prompt and appropriate treatment. It is possible that you will be given drugs or even undergo surgery.

Doctors generally will give drugs to increase blood flow to the penis so that it can help a man achieve an erection. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 medicines can help man impotence.

4. Stay optimistic

Impotence can be a sensitive subject to talk about, especially in a young male environment. However, do not despair and remember that many other men have experienced this, and this is a condition that can be cured.

The cases of impotence at a young age continue to increase from time to time. Therefore, you need to understand more about the causes of this condition. The sooner the condition of impotence is identified; the sooner treatment can be carried out.