How You Can Effectively Control the Costs and Inventory of Your Restaurant Business

It’s a sad truth, but it’s something that you may be more fully aware of by now: many restaurant businesses fail because they cannot keep a tight rein on their inventory and their overall costs, especially in terms of the ingredients they use. If a restaurant’s inventory is not properly tracked, your food expenses can increase simply because you may run out of a particular item at a busy time and then end up buying this item from a shop with a much higher price than a food and drink supplier. The growth of your business will rely heavily on your costs and inventory, so it’s essential to keep track of it every single day and calculate whatever stocks you have so you know when to order your stocks again before they run out. But what else should you do in order to effectively control the costs and inventory of your restaurant business? Here’s your guide.

Monitor your consumption every day

It’s vital to monitor your restaurant’s consumption every day because this will help you maintain accuracy in terms of the stock you have available. With this, you can also easily produce a monthly report for your inventory.

Make sure to order when it is required

When you have a better idea of your inventory, then you can make sure to order when it is required – and even order in advance. Having a good perspective of your inventory allows you to decide when to place your orders with your food and drink suppliers. For instance, if you need organic juice for your restaurant or establishment, then is one of the top organic juice concentrate suppliers and can handle your requirements. They will ensure that you have your supplies ready and delivered in time.

You can take advantage of real-time software to track your inventory, and it can tell you when an item is running out so you can already place your order before it runs out. It can even alert you if perishable items are nearing expiration, so you can prepare for this as well.

Focus on managing your recipes

Another thing you can definitely do if you want to effectively control your costs and inventory is to focus on managing your recipes. What does this mean? This means keeping track of orders that are placed in your system so you can also keep an eye on your consumption of raw ingredients. And then you can decide on a basic recipe for these items. It is also best to keep a record of how much material the recipe requires and how you will prepare the item. Your record should also include the temperature required for the item and how the item should be plated. This will not only be helpful to your restaurant chefs – but it will also be helpful for kitchen staff so they can remain consistent. In addition, with this, you can reduce the likelihood of unwanted waste generation.

Pay attention to shelf life

You should also pay attention to shelf life, particularly with stock items. It’s essential for you to consume your stock on a First In, First Out basis and based on its expiration date. You can also set alerts for this with proper software so you can be reminded which stocks are about to expire.