How to use easy measures to reduce scar marks

Scars and acnes have become common issues these days and they not look good on skin when they happen. Hence one needs to treat them properly so that they can fade away in time. If one is having some mild acne scars then they can deal them with some easy remedies but if it is deep and big then one must take help of a dermatologist in order to treat them.

One can use no scars face wash for men if they are having acne scar marks on face or neck because they are very much effective on them. Apart from them one can also use some home remedies because they can also work really well when it comes to dealing with the scars.

Here are some home remedies that one can try and they can be really effective on scar marks:

Tomato Slices

One can always rub some fresh tomato slices on the scarred area in order to treat the acne scars. This is because they can reduce those marks and the appearance of them by making them lighter. Tomatoes are said to have Vitamin A and cartenoids. It also has a lot of anti oxidants and it can cure the tissues which have become damaged because of the scars.

Cucumber Juice

This can work as a great skin toner. One can apply some cold cucumber juice on skin and it can help to improve the uneven coloring of the skin. Apart from that it can reduce the inflammation caused by the scars and can also soothe the skin. As a result, the scars can lighten.

Sandalwood Paste

They are also good when it comes to treating scar marks. One can make a paste out of a mixture of sandalwood paste and rosewater and then apply it on the scarred area before going to bed. Then one must keep in overnight and wash it off with plain water the next morning. One has to do this every night for at least a week and then they can see some effective results. Also sandalwood is extremely good for skin and one can use them in general to make their skin soft and supple.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is very much effective when it comes to treating acne issues. One can dilute this oil with a few drops of water and one has to apply it on the exact spots where the acne has occurred. This oil has terpinen as an ingredient which can kill the bacteria and hence it can treat the affected area really well. It can also keep the sin clean by neutralizing the bacteria.

Egg Whites

Eggs are present in every kitchen and so they are easily accessible for scar treatments. One can take the egg whites and apply them on the affected area by using a cotton pad and then leave it for the rest of the night. This can reduce the scar marks and speeds up the healing procedure.

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