How To Score Above 600+ In NEET?

NEET is the most anticipated medical entrance exam enabling students to take up a seat in medical colleges/institutes. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the NEET exams, scheduled to take place this year on 3rd May 2020.

In order to earn a seat in the college of your choice, one must work extremely hard towards it. Furthermore, if the purpose is as serious as saving lives, then it becomes imperative to be dedicated enough.

The list of tips mentioned below can be extremely helpful if your aim is to score above 600+ in NEET exams. 2020.

Set The Bar High!

One of the most important steps and often overlooked actions is to make up your mind to have a target, a high aim, as high as topping at the NEET exams. Remind yourself of your goals and work each day towards achieving it. It is certainly possible to achieve 600+ with the right attitude.

Document Your Study Planner

The idea of planning and customizing as per strong points and weak areas are always a bonus, be it any exams. Have a to-do list achieved on a daily basis for all the topics. For instance, if it is biology, in the NEET biology syllabus you take up – The Living World topic, then study all concepts and then practice questions from all the previous years’ question papers for the Living World topic. This must be done on the same day, your planner must be on these lines. This way you retain what you learned.

Set Realistic Goals

All your schedules and plans might go in vain if you tend to set unrealistic, unreasonable goals. Be pragmatic about it, for instance, the number of topics you chose to complete in a day must be achievable. You can always cover the topics you have scheduled for the next day in case you complete the day’s task early.

Mere Reading Will Not Take You Anywhere

Reading/studying must be clubbed with writing and practising. This is where the importance of self-study notes comes into the picture. Rigorous revisions, practising from previous years’ question papers, taking up mock tests on a daily basis must be part of your daily schedule.

Right Study Material

Your plans, dedicated schedules, effective time management may not save you if you are not equipped with the NEET books that should be followed. NCERT books are a must-have, apart from these, you can follow related books/resources for additional information and have an edge over others.

Know When To Study

Schedule your plan at a time when the duration of your attention span is the maximum. This, for most of the students, should be the wee hours of the day. After a meditation of 10 minutes or so, you can start your day by revising and then learning challenging concepts. The later part of the day, when you tend to become less attentive, must be utilized in a way such that it covers topics which are easier and are your strong points.

Take Your Breaks, Have A Positive Attitude

It is important to take adequate breaks, indulge in extracurriculars and also have a positive frame of mind by staying focussed. Stay away from social media and avoid any such distractions. They might derail your intentions and further impact your actions.

All in all, one must always work hard and smart to excel at any exam, which should be clubbed with a positive mindset.

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