How To Organize Balcony Plants at Your Apartments in India

Whenever we go to the gardens or park outside, sometimes we feel like having a small and beautiful garden in our house. We drop this idea of planting the plants in our house, due to lack of space, lack of time, etc. But, if you see you get the place to plant your plants in spaces like balcony or terrace, but we dump these places with unnecessary things because it is a vacant place for us.

Balcony or terrace is not the place for dumping your unnecessary things; we can make this place beautiful and pleasant by planting small decorative plants, flowers, and many other things. Nowadays, the waste goods like plastic, paper, and unwanted metals are converted into baskets, pots, and stands and you can plant natural plants in them and used them in day-to-day life.

Arranging, Balcony potted plant stand in the corner of the balcony or shelf will help you to occupy space and you can grow flowers, vegetables for your daily use will help you in emergencies. Below are some points which help you make your garden more beautiful is as follows:

  1. Potted Plants

Arranging potted plants on a self of the balcony will utilize the small area if they are arranged horizontally. We can make these pots with waste materials, like mud pots, porcelain, cups, Chinese cups, glasses, plastic bottles, or pots, we can use aluminum or steel rods that can be acted as a stand.  You can decorate the pots and stands with pictures and designs and creative art so that the waste and unwanted things can be used as a decorative product on the balcony.

  • Consider weight and position of Sun

Before making a garden you have to consider that if your balcony is getting enough sunlight and how much weight it can hold, like for e.g. if the balcony is small and placed in the east then it will get good sunlight but can’t hold heavy mud pots it can hold only basket pots or plastic pots only. So, always consider and plan accordingly.

  • Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are also called hanging gardens, in this way of gardening you can grow vegetables, fruits hanging from the wall.

You can plant creepers like green peas plant, cucumber, bitter and bottle gourd plants supporting the wall of the balcony, they take the support of the wall and grow by themselves, this will cover the limited space in your balcony and it will cross balcony terrace and also the roof of the apartments. This type of plant can be planted in apartments with limited space.

  • Watering the Plants

Balcony potted plants have limited water requirements, they can hold the water for two days so always use hand shower pipes which are not used for long, water cans and hand pumps to pour water because these plants limited water, and keep your balcony clean and tidy otherwise excess water can cause dirty floors.

  • Ready grown plants

We should buy natural plants for decoration, for flowers and fruits you have to buy natural seeds. Readymade plants will not make the environment pure also readymade plants have a risk of causing diseases.

You can exchange decorative plants with your friends and seeds of flowers and fruits are available in nurseries and with your friends. Nurseries also have natural soil available, you can buy according to your budget.

  • Staircase Stands

Using staircase plant stands is another good way of planting balcony gardens, you can put two to five plants in one stand this will cover the limited space.


Plants and gardens inside and outside our houses make our environment pure and help us to fight against bacterial infection. Garden and plants are the best corners of apartments or our house. It has a relaxed environment and we feel stress-free when we intake pure oxygen.

Hence, refresh your mind and body by growing nice plants inside your house also balcony stand plants can make your home more lively and good.