How To Insert A Signature Into An MS Word Document

A signature is something that can give a textbook a unique look, be it a business documentation or an artistic story. One of the rich functionalities of Microsoft Word is the ability to insert a signature and the latter can be handwritten or printed.Commonly a handwritten signature is scanned and attached to a printed document to assume that the document originated from the appropriate sender. In a real sense it is not a digital signature. Digital signatures perform the same function as electronic messages. Microsoft word digital signature is an encrypted version of a message digest that is attached to a message.

Usually when a check is deposited in the bank, the officer-in-charge of the bank checks the signature of the check giver very well and pays the money to the recipient. In fact, the bank officials want to make sure that there is no fraud in the check. In this way, the signature given by our hands has highlighted our uniqueness for ages. With the help of Microsoft word insert signature, we can easily verify the real signatory person.

How To Insert A Signature Into MS Word?

To add a handwritten signature to a document, you must first create it. To do this you need a paper attached to the computer and a scanner, a scanner and set up. Here we discuss step by step to insert a signature:


Take a pen and sign on a piece of paper. Scan the page with your signature using the scanner and save it to your computer in plain graphic format (JPG, BMP, and PNG).The scanned image must be cropped, leaving only the area where the signature is located. Also, you can resize the image.


In addition to signing the document you must sign in, you must specify location, contact details or any other information. To do this, you must save text information, including scanned signatures, as auto-signatures.


Insert handwritten signature with typewriter text. To insert your handwritten signature by text, you must open and add the express block saved in the document “Automatic”.


In addition to handwriting signatures in Microsoft Word documents, you can add a line for signatures. The latter can be done in a variety of ways, each of which must be adapted to a specific situation.


We know about how to underline text in words and how to write without letters and words, the program allows you to emphasize spaces between them. To create a direct signature line, we only need to underline the spaces.

If you want to create a line for underscore signing on a document printed on a document, you need to add a table cell to it in the web form or web document that only the lower border will be visible. That he would act as a string for the signature.


All that, now you know about all the possible ways to sign in to a Microsoft Word document. This could be a handwritten signature or a line to attach a signature to an already printed document. In both cases, the signature or space for the signature is accompanied by an explanatory text, which we have told you the ways to add.