How important is machine learning for a data scientist?

This is the age of the fourth industrial revolution. This term has been popularised by klaus Schwab of the world economic forum.

The fourth industrial revolution involves the diminishing of barriers between man and the machine. If we are to ponder over the digital ocean of fourth industrial revolution, we would find that such a revolution would not be possible without machine learning.

After all, it is by virtue of machine learning that technology has acquired intelligence. By this, we mean to say that various types of innovations are becoming more and more autonomous.

Hence, there exists a close interface between machine learning and data science which we will try to explore in the subsequent sections. 

An overview of machine learning 

Machine learning is all about the process by which machines learn to execute the tasks closely which are being executed by humans. In this process, machines acquire intelligence which is popularly called as machine intelligence.

In machine learning, we make used of supervised learning in which the training set which is fed into the machine is personally administered. In unsupervised learning, machine is not administered any training data but is allowed to learn from the surroundings on its own.

There is another category called semi supervised learning which partially administers training data while allowing the machine to learn from the environment. 

Relation between machine learning and data science 

Machine learning is a domain of study under data science. We need to be informed that everything that falls under machine learning also falls under data science but vice versa is not true. Machine learning utilises processed data which is mined by a data scientist. 

Importance of machine learning in current times 

The importance of machine learning is briefly highlighted here:

1- Machine learning and the courses related to this help in improving the knowledge base of a data scientist. This is especially important as a data scientist needs to be aware with the current happenings and the major technological changes. 

2- Machinelearning courses in Delhi help in skilling an individual and preparing him for the job market. This assumes importance because there are very few government institutions who have regularised the course.

3- To speak about the research in the field of machine learning, it should be mentioned that research is being promoted by all agencies involved due to the unharnessed potential of data. 

4- Machine learning is also important for reaping the benefits of the recently heralded new digital revolution. This will serve the dual benefits of learning for the individuals in general and the industry in particular. 

Concluding remarks 

In one word, machine learning is very important for a data scientist due to the various benefits that are already listed above. Having said that, we can conclude that data science and machine learning are just inseparable branches that can together play a significant role in the next digital revolution!