How can vastu help to make a better house?

Vastu is a science that adds value to one’s life and can also bring some peace and prosperity. When one looks for a vastu tip, they must know that there is a deep scientific reason behind it and so it is plausible to follow.

One can take help from the best vastu consultant to get some special tips on their life and house. Or else one can also check the basic things that one must follow if they believe in vastu science.

  • There has to be a puja room in every house. If one wants to build one, they must choose the north eastern corner of the house because they must face the divine direction. Even if the room is in not that directions, the idols present there should face the north east direction. One has to face that direction when they are offering prayers.
  • In order to attract some good luck in life, one must light a lamp in the evening every day near any water port present in the house.
  • If the house has a water fountain or any painting which has water in it, they have to be installed in the north east direction of the house. This can attract prosperity, wealth, and success.
  • The main door of every house is very important in vastu. According to this science the main door must open inside so that the positive energies stay inside. Also, the hinges of the door must not make any noise and one should be attentive about that. It has to be greased properly in order to make them noise free.
  • If there is a beam inside the house, then one must see that the bed must not be placed under the beam. This arrangement can be bad for the health.
  • There must not be 5 corners in the ceiling of the room. The room has to be constructed in that way. If that is not possible then one can put some bamboo flutes or small pyramids so that it can curb all the negative effects.
  • The north east direction of the house has to be kept closed. One must see that there are more space for natural light and air there. In order to store heavy items of the house one must choose south or south west as their ideal direction.
  • When it comes to the toilet it can be a highly debated area according to the vastu. The seat of the toilet has to face north south and must be kept closed when it is not in use.
  • Beds and cupboards in the room should be kept very close to the south west wall and should be away from the north east wall.
  • The dining room should have a big mirror and that must face the north east wall as it can attract prosperity and wealth.

One can always consult a vastu specialist if they want to have some special tips for their house exclusively.