Here’s Why You Should Start Talking To A Medical Cannabis Doctor

Here’s Why You Should Start Talking To A Medical Cannabis Doctor

Cannabis is known as a medicine for thousands of years. Current research has shown that it has many health benefits too. This is why aside from recreational use, this is now being slowly approved in many areas of the world for its medicinal benefits. This is why maybe it’s time to talk to your medical cannabis doctors. Here are some conditions where cannabis can help. 


Cannabis may be useful in the treatment of addiction to certain substances, such as alcohol and narcotics. THC and CBD, compunds that are both derived from cannabis, are believed to lower the severity of addiction withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Cannabis possesses neuroprotective effects. And this can help lower one’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Both THC and CBD have shown neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties in the brain, which can both ensure brain health. 

Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis is beneficial for the treatment of anxiety and depression. THC and CBD have properties beneficial to affect mood regulation. It also helps alleviate anxiety and depressive symptoms.


Evidence suggests that cannabis may inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Cannabinoids in cannabis have the potential to not only lessen the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy but also to help delay the progression of tumors.

Crohn’s Disease

Patients with Crohn’s disease can benefit from the use of cannabis. Its ability to reduce inflammation and discomfort can greatly help these patients. Cannabis can help with immune system regulation as well as the alleviation of symptoms associated with this disease.


The use of cannabis as an effective treatment for epilepsy is being looked into these days. In fact, children diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome have experienced the positive effects of cannabis treatment. CBD is believed to help lessen both the frequency and severity of seizures experienced.

Multiple Sclerosis

Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis may find relief from cannabis treatment. It can help with their muscle stiffness and spasms. Cannabis has the potential to help these patients experience less pain and improve their mobility.

Pain Relief

One of the most talked about health benefits of cannabis is having the same effects of pain medications. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD have been shown to reduce inflammation and help relieve severe pain in most patients.

Parkinson’s Disease

Patients who suffer from Parkinson’s disease can greatly benefit from cannabis. They may find relief from their tremors and see an improvement in their motor functions. This is thanks to the cannabis anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects on the brain.

The medicinal applications of cannabis are slowly discovered as research on this is being done these days. Note that medicinal cannabis usage requires supervision by a qualified medical expert. That is why if you want to avoid the possibility of adverse reactions and negative drug interactions, it is best that you talk to your medical cannabis doctors first.